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Verify hang in with LG drive

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I too had the verify hang bug like Croquet two times when copying an audio cd: Analyzing Tracks 26 (of 33). The first one got hang again when I tried to verify the disc again, the second one passed the repeated verification.

Then I put the first disc into my Technics SL-PG440 audio cd player. It correctly recognized the 33 tracks. But when I pressed the play button, it began to seek and click for about 2-3 seconds before begin playing.


Then I switched back to my previous version of Imgburn which I never had any problem with and wrote the same image. It verified fine and the Technics player began playing it immediately, without seeking and clicking.


So I guess there must be some difference in writing as well, not just in reading. Sorry, while uninstalling the latest version I lost that log, so the enclosed one is from version drive: LG super multi [1:1:0] HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H42N RL00 (D:) (ATA)


Thanks for this great application.




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