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Quick erase with CLI


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Yes, that's for sure... But it is a little 'information overkill' for me/my application.

The only things I want to know (or 'need' to know) are:

1. Is there any media in the specified drive (simple, I can do it myself)

If yes:

2. Is the media empty (could probably determined by the 'Media Status' which seems to be either 'MEDIA_STATUS_EMPTY'

or 'MEDIA_STATUS_NOT_EMPTY' and nothing else)

If yes: OK

If no:

3. Is the media 'writeable' (no DVD-ROM, already burned DVD-R...)

If yes, ask for overwrite -> OK/cancel

This can probably be determined by 'Erasable: Yes' and 'current profile' where 'current profile' may be one of these values:


"DVD-RAM" (?)






Is this assumption correct?

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OK Then I will include these codes.


MEDIA_STATUS_UNKNOWN: means imgburn will not be able to burn something?

MEDIA_STATUS_NOT_FORMATTED: means a DVD+RW, 'empty' but not formatted and can be burned after formatting?


Thanks again for your support!

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