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rare crash on exit imgburn 2.5.2


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I've seen this in some of the logs emailed to me but I have no idea where it's coming from :(


>> 006ea75c +0d4 ImgBurn.exe Main.cpp 384 +19 TfrmMain.Destroy


That line seems to suggest the crash occurs when the main form is being closed (not the DLE window etc).


The thing is, none of that code is mine.


0089c27e +16a ImgBurn.exe  Stdctrls                 TCustomEdit.DefaultHandler
008e0ff0 +010 ImgBurn.exe  Controls                 TWinControl.WMDestroy
008d9c7d +009 ImgBurn.exe  Controls                 TControl.GetTextLen


I put breakpoints in the code responsible for the above lines (it's part of the development environments stuff) and that specific combination is only called once for that form (for the 'Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_BootImageFile' control) when the program is shut down - and of course it never fails for me :(


So unless someone can come up with a defined set of instructions to reproduce this issue all the time, there's basiclly 0% chance in me being able to fix it (I'm afraid I'm not very good at debugging code like that).

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