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Write Error - Recommend Reassignment

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Hi there,


All of a sudden, I started getting errors writing to a drive that still writes cd's well with Feurio.


There's two messages that might be indicative:


A Warning that says: Duplex Secure's SPTD driver can have a detrimental effect on drive performance.


I've never seen that message before.


And then an error that says: Failed to Write Sectors 32 - 63 - Reason: Write Error – Recommend Reassignment


Does this mean the drive is toast for writing DVD's although it still writes CD's well?


Many thanks to anyone kind enough to read this and reply.


I'm attaching the complete log:


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ImgBurn is out of date. Put the new one on.


Your OS's service pack is out of date - put SP3 on.


Your firmware is out of date - http://www.firmwarehq.com/Pioneer/DVR-118L/files.html


You're using cheapo 'CMC MAG. AM3' media.


You're burning at MAX speed. Try one of the slower supported speeds... like 8x.

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