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Writing from network disk.

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Hi. If you will need more information, I will write it. But I think this problem is wide and I need not to say about my systems.


I have two Windows 7 PCs with HOME Network between them.


I Started IMGBurn and placed a folder from network on it.


I started to write (from network drive!) at 8x DVD speed: my 512Mb buffer was filled and burning begins.


When buffer was empty (96% overall progress) recording was paused and buffer begins refill.


When buffer was 29%, filling was stopped and in status there was: "Waiting for hard disk activity to reach threshold level."


What disk??? Network was idle, network disk was idle too. Only flash drive on local machine was busy.


When flash drive finished its work, IMGBurn continued and ended its process successfully.


Is is a bug?


Thank you, and I am sorry for my bad English.

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That's just the way things sometimes work I'm afraid.


When reading from a network drive (more often than a local drive), you may want to enable the OS's buffering via the 'Reading - Always Use Buffered I/O' option in the Settings (on the I/O tab).

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