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Karol Haltenberger

Source / Layout editor pulls in whole path instead of just the file

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In "Create image file from files/folders" mode, when I select a file or folder in the "Source" section, I would expect it to go to the root of the image.

e.g. I've extracted an iso to some folder, made some changes and now I want to write it out again.


Instead, the file/folder gets created in the resulting image with its' full path to the drive root.

e.g. D:\A\B\test.txt, when loaded into the source will produce \A\B\test.txt in the image.


I might even understand this in the simple view, but the same thing happen in the layout editor.


I drag a file into the root of the image from somewhere and the entire path gets created (see screenshots).

I can then drag the files back to the root and remove the path folders but I feel that this should not work like this.


EDIT: ImgBurn on Windows 7 Ultimate.



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You've probably got 'Preserve Full Pathnames' enabled. Turn it back off.


It's off by default so it's something you've done - or another app has done it for you when calling up ImgBurn (unlikely).

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