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Abbreviated Joliet Folder-Names End With A Space!

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I have been using ImgBurn for a very long time & this is my first problem EVER!

And, it is only a very minor issue.

I was using an older version of ImgBurn but upgraded to the latest, just to ensure this issue hadn't already been corrected in the meantime.

The issue is this:

When ImgBurn shortens a long Folder-name to 64 characters, to comply with Joliet, if the character in the 64th position is a "space" then the new Folder-name, which is written to the disc, will end in a space!

This creates a problem with stupid Windows Explorer which becomes so confused, at the folder whose name finishes with "space", that it will not open it with a double-click nor "Explore" it (within a right-click menu).

I actually have to paste the location & folder-name into the Address bar (finishing with a back-slash) to get Windows Explorer to open it!

I am not certain how, or if, this is a problem for long File-names. I have not tested the implications for File-names. Whether this causes problems for Folders &/or Files is likely OS dependent.

As I said, not a big deal really. Just a bit annoying.


On the other hand, I have to say that ImgBurn is an excellent piece of extremely useful & versatile software, and is not written in the lazy bloated way that we find with so much of today's software!

ImgBurn has never failed me & I frequently recommend it to others (& encourage them to Donate, should they find it as useful as I).

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