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Can I get all the Binary in an Audio CD?


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The Audio CD is divided into several areas. The combination of the Lead-in Area, User Data Area (same as the Program Area) and Lead-out Area are known collectively as the Information Area, because that is where information is recorded. The subcode information is in Lead-in Area.
Some drives can read into Lead-in and Lead-out, so we can use this feature to correct the drive's offset, it follows that there are no boundaries between Lead-in Area and User Data Area, also User Data Area and Lead-out Area.
We can RIP an Audio CD with ImgBurn into BIN, CDT and CUE. I suppose almost all the binary data in BIN file belongs to the User Data Area, the CDT file is part of information in Lead-in Area, and the CUE is generated from subcode information.
So this is my question: can I get all the Binary in an Audio CD?

                                     can we read binary data along the spiral line from the head of Lead-in Area to the end of Lead-out Area into one file? (make all the Information Area into one file)
                                     why we split the integral binary data into 3 files(BIN, CDT and CUE)?
                                     what can I do if I want to get the integral binary data?

Thank you!

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