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Power Calibration Area Error


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Log file attached


I've been using using my DVD burner for over a year and have had no problems with any of my DVDs. The only thing that has changed with the computer is I swapped older HDDs with newer ones.


I've done searches for this error and got conflicting solutions.


My area of interest is entry


I 09:46:58 BURN-Proof: Enabled

Does that mean something got set to prevent burning?


My computer DXDiag is HERE


EDIT: Changed media to...

I 10:05:52 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: CMC MAG. AM3)

It's working... So I have a bad batch of DVDs?


Thank you for your time,



ImgBurn 20150624.0949.log

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With 20 seconds between each retry, it would appear your drive really is trying its hardest to find a suitable power level for the laser for the media you're trying to use... its just unable to do so.


A firmware update may help...




After that, you can try adjusting the write speed down to 8x, cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc and using different discs. If it still fails, I'd be looking at buying another drive.


Oh and no, burnproof doesn't mean that.

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