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Question about SCSI CDBs used to detect BDXL capabilities


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I'm developing some utilities for drive flashing and want to embed "drive supported media types" section into them. I've used "CD/DVD capabilities" and "get configuration" commands (5A and 46) to get info about CD / DVD / BD / HD DVD read/write support (I still don't understand how to detect DVD-RW read capability, though), but I can't find any info about BDXL formats support detection (BD-R Ver.3 and BD-RE Ver.4) - should I use any other command for detecting these features? I've read MMC documentation I could find, but I've found only the information about BDXL track reserving in these documents.


I excuse if I've created this topic in a wrong place. ImgBurn properly detects BDXL reading capabilities on my ASUS BC-12D2HT and BDXL reading/writing capabilities on my Pioneer BDXL drives, but I can't figure out how.


I hope my question doesn't violate any forum rules.


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry for not replying for a long time - was very busy on my job...


I've checked carefully and understood - documentation says, that these bits indicating BD-R ver.2 and BD-RE ver.3 capabilities, but actually BDXL drives use these bits to report BDXL support. Thank you very much for the help! I've implemented this feature in my Pioneer flasher (which I've just released on MyCE forums).


Could you please tell two more things:


1. Is there a way to properly detect DVD-RW reading ability? Or should I use DVD-R read bit of "Mode Sense - C/DVD Capabilities" page, or is it better to use "Get Configuration - DVD Read" command?


2. Can I completely replace "Mode Sense - C/DVD Capabilities" command with a batch of "Get Configuration" or other commands to get all the information provided by "Mode Sense - C/DVD Capabilities" CDB? It is considered to be obsolete, but I can't figure out how to, for example, check drive's buffer size, or CD-RW / DVD-R reading capability on the old drives.


Thank you very much!

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