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ImgBurn - Virus Found & Hash's do not Match

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Download Links Mirror 1 (Digital Digest) & Mirror 7 (ImgBurn) triggers Symantec / Norton Virus Scanners, with 'Suspicious.Cloiud.2' and 'PUA.OpenCandy'


Download Link Mirror 3 (Softpedia), does not trigger Virus Scanner, however the Hash's do not match:

ImgBurn Website Indicates:

MD5: 9685E1B00B7D1B31EDE436BD9B12BE39
SHA-1: 5CA96A0C243390C378DEE1A629684EA261E2CFC4


Microsoft Verification Tool indicates:

MD5: 4449df672fce48b7cd03cc3a6fca2309



Would it be possible to confirm Hash values and to remove the PAU & Viruses from the installer and provide a link to download just the ImgBurn Tool (with no add-ons or nasty's)


Thank you for all the help and great tool

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