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Help with this error?

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First time making / burning Blu Ray.

I use TsMuxeR to output 3 m2v video files + 1 PCM WAV audio file as Blu ray folder.

The folder with original files is 8.04GB, when output through TsMuxeR as Blu ray folder the output file is 8.67GB (is it normal for it to be that much bigger when I'm wanting to be doing this losslessly?).


Then in write mode I drag/drop the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders into ImgBurn, when I hit burn I then get the following error, I have attached a photo of the error in this post.

Does anybody know what the error is?

*maybe worth noting, my PC often errors when burning dual layer DVD's, but the same files burn perfectly on my laptop, maybe this Blu ray error is also specific to my PC? (I can't check at the moment).

Any help appreciated.



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