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DixxtoDVD-trying to create an image for imageburn-BIG problems!!!


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Hello again all,



My quest for excellence in the DVD world continues....basically I'm trying to change a 16:9 widescreen DVD rip to 4:3 (checked the DVD only 16:9 aspect-no option for 4:3) (older tv & I prefer 4:3) by using DixxtoDVD (free version) & changing the aspect to 'force 4:3'.


Firstly I rip all files (file mode to their own esktop folder) to a folder, open folder, highlight all files, click 'open' which puts all the files (all VOB, 5 files in total) in to DixxtoDVD, hit 'convert', says 25 minutes. Happily carries on, gets to last 5 seconds & suddenly the 5 seconds is shown as a semi complete green progress 'bar' & goes VERY slowly. The programme is still encoding/analysing at the same speed but the progress bar is VERY slow & stuck on 5 seconds (all be it moving very slowly).


Gave up as it had taken 1 1/2 hours (got 640 odd MB on system & 20 GB hard drive).


My aim was to then convert to an image with IMAGETOOL & re-burn using decrpter/imageburn to DVD & hey presto, 4:3 aspect!!


2 questions....A)-Am I doing this completely wrong....??!

B)-Or will it take loads of time & will work-leave overnight?? Thanks again!



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Can't you tell you player to play the disc in 4:3 and not letterbox it ?


Or are you tring to squash the picture horizontally - thus fitting 4:3 but making everything in the picture proportionally thinner ?


Zacos-will try that! Never did work out my DVD controls....

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