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computer will not read dvd in drive


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im trying to play a dvd on my computer (original movie) most start right away....but the ones I WANT to see ..... do not show up in the drive. my computer acts like there is no disc in there. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, debbie

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And this has *what* to do with ImgBurn?


If the drive can't initialise the discs, you're stuck.


1. Look for firmware updates.

2. Clean the drive.

3. Try the discs in another drive to make sure *something* can read them.

4. Get a new drive.

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I'm trying to open a can of beans but it appears the cogs have worn out.


Anything you can do to help.


Also ne1 know why my pen just stopped working.




dear Donta


check for firmware updates for your tin openers drive

update to latest version of ImgBurn

failing the above, just stick it in the microwave, it will open the tin eventually :thumbup:

and dont buy the cheap beans from Aldi again ,spend a few pennies more on decent brand named ones in a decent tin, your tin opener wont struggle to deal with these.


Oh , and your pen stopped working because you tried to stab the tin of beans open with it

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While I've never had a problem with a can of beans I did have the same problem with a can of peas. It turned out that the can was made by CMC. After that I only bought Verbatim cans. You might want to check to see if your beans can was made by CMC.


I hope I've been able to help you. :rolleyes:

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I managed to open my can of beans with you help but now my pan is not recognising them.


I have tried them in a few pans with the same result.

Will have to buy a new set


Had to eat them cold out the can.


I tried to get a log but it was just a mess.


thanks all

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