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okay, i'm not a total newbie when it comes to burning/copying dvds, but i am a bit of a newbie with this tool. please forgive me if i don't explain myself well, and let me know if i need to clarify. thanks!




i'm building a compilation dvd from a collection of tv episodes from multiple tv dvds. i know how to build the compilation itself, but i want to do something different. each episode is its own title. if i have 6 episodes on a disc, that's 6 titles. what i want to do is make a new, single title, with the original titles and their respective chapters set as chapters only to that make up 1 new title. i like to repeat the entire disc when i'm asleep (weird, i know), and this isn't possible when the disc is set up into multiple titles that play back to back. is what i'm asking even possible with imgburn? with any program? if not, please add my idea to your suggestion list. thank you so much!


current compilation configuration:

title 1 w/5 chapters

title 2 w/5 chapters...

...so on and so on until...

6 total titles with 30 total chapters


what i want to accomplish:

1 all-inclusive title with 30 total chapters from the original 6 titles

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