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  1. Many translators have updated their files to newest version, but the download section has recieved no update for more than one year. LUK is active in other part of forum so the project is not dead, so please update the translation download links.
  2. LUK! sent me an email. Here's his answer: >>On this occasion, it basically means 'Clear System Error'. >>'Kill System Error' is their (Primera Tech's) wording really, not mine. I got it from their documentation. >>So if the autoloader/duplicator is in an 'Error' state you'd click that button and the error would be cleared. The autoloader/duplicator would then work again. I think it's quite clear.
  3. adds a new string: btnKillSystemError.Caption=00000028,Kill System Error, but since I don't have a changer/loader, I'm not sure what this means. Anyone knows?
  4. Menu option, where there is the option dialog box, name should be added ... Simplified Chinese translation is not added, so that users do not know this option is the dialog box, please correct. Ok, done.
  5. It seems LUK‘s too busy to check mail. So I guess post it here will be better. [updated according to nio's suggestion] chinese_prc.zip
  6. I encountered the same problem as you. To solve it, I use something phrase sounds like 'classic shutdown' or 'compatible shutdown'. Thanks to the refined chinese characters so I can make it short enough.
  7. 'Added: 'Shut Down' shutdown action that calls the 'ExitWindowsEx' API with the 'EWX_SHUTDOWN' flag. This might work to shut down and turn off the PC for some users where 'EWX_POWEROFF' fails to do so.' 'Changed: The 'Turn Off' action is now known as 'Power Off' to match the actual flag ('EWX_POWEROFF') used in the 'ExitWindowsEX' API.' --changelog
  8. oh, I see now. I totally agree with you. ok, "This thread is for talk about translations. Please don't ask for them in here, it's a thread to assist the people actually doing them." I think LWl and I didn't go off topic because I'm a translator and we were discussing some translation thing. and...this discuss won't last long since we have got an agreement.
  9. oh, don't tell me it's because of my reply……
  10. There are some strings left untranslated in base file: "No Writers detected!" warning in write mod Upper/lower class/device filter and [None found] in filter driver load order dialog all the strings appear in status bar
  11. Oh, I meant nothing blaming you, not at all. Fs thing is due to the people who design it. I know that only vista can handle udf 2.6, which is blueray disc spec. I make the iso only to bakup something and I won't publish to anyone else so I won't consider other system. So udf uses more file index/descriptor space than iso9660?
  12. Oh, I did a little calculation just than. the pading space is not as big as it seems, which is less than 100MB. But the file index's really huge which takes all the extra space left, That's about 500MB. Maybe the disc file system could be designed to reduce this by something like a file alloc table.
  13. The original files are about 1.0GB and occupying about 1.2GB, but after optimized about 20MB space there is still a 1.6GB iso file. I can't figure out why from the point of sector size or something I knew. So I get log attatched behind. img.log
  14. to apply replay gains when burning cds requires altering data from ds filter, like reconverting it. so i don't think it's possible for editing audio is not the job of imgburn.
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