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  1. sorry, i should have started the thread in this subforum...
  2. How to reproduce: Go to Build Mode Choose Standard input Click "Browse for a file..." button Select more than one file and click open. You will notice that one file is missing.
  3. Thanks alot, LUK! Just read your reply. (I wonder why I didn't receive any notification) oops))) just noticed the "watch topic" button I guess it would be better "immediate notification" set by default PS. New translation is coming soon
  4. Not a pain at all if it is your native language the word is the same, only ending (usually last 1-3 letters) differs
  5. Yes, you see... let's take the word "file" as an example: in English there's no difference between 2, 3 or 1000 files. The ending will always be "-s". But in Russian 2 to 4 files will have one ending, 5-20 files will have another ending, 21 another one, 22-24 another again, 25-30 has the ending same as 5-20 and so on... So for Russian language 3 different variants of plural forms are needed. Otherwise it would be non-grammatical. But if we use structure like: Items: xx (files: yy; folders: zz) - it will be correct.
  6. Hi, LUK Can you plz swap the number and text in phrase: 7 items (3 files; 4 folders) like on screenshot: so it would look like: Items: 7 (files: 3; folders: 4) It is needed to correctly translate the above phrase into Russian. Because in English words in plural usually end on "-s", but in Russian there are several options so only one variant of word ending is not enough... Maybe in some other languages situation is similar and they will support my idea. Thanks.
  7. LIGHTNING UK! thanks a lot for update. Can you upload a base file differences so we could start translating?
  8. Just wanted to notice that ImgBurn was translated into 33 languages! And I'm sure more enthusiasts will translate it into their native languages in future! E.g. the well-known bloatware Nero 9 is translated into 23 languages Thanks a lot, LIGHTNING UK!
  9. Updated Russian translation: Line 1840 - cosmetic Line 2119 - made it more meaningful russian.zip
  10. also frmChangeAdvancedSettings - num. 14
  11. Hi, LIGHTNING First of all, thanks for your awesome proggy. And of course, I guess everyone noticed a new funny feature - drop zone. So... is it a closer step to adding multisession burning in future or not ?? Cheers.
  12. LIGHTNING UK! Is it better to send you an updated translation ASAP when smth. is fixed or it's better to wait for awhile, accumulate the fixes and then send the .lng file to you?
  13. Thanks. A great piece of software should have good translation Sorry. I missed it... After all, you are LIGHTNING UK!, not US! You have my word for it. It is better
  14. LIGHTNING UK! Please update Russian translation. Dmitry Yerokhin had sent you one. It is more adequate
  15. quite a good translation but some definitions should be revised At the moment I'm translating ImgBurn in cooperation with another person. So we'll do our best to make it perfect ))
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