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    Hey Everybody!

    you would have remembered if you drove to LUK's , ..........................especially the bit where you almost drowned for about 12 hours whiles crossing the atlantic
  2. Hi Blu well actually , i didnt miss it , but do remember when someone was taking the mickey out of us on the old board, and how we couldnt possibly win it im looking forward to the Australia v the rest of the world game coming soon . you might have got me interested in cricket with your enthusiasm for the game and the actual series, but theres nooo way your gonna get me hooked on neighbours or Home and away ....... ok ? , mind i could get into Kylie
  3. volvofl10


    there is except it aint with your own wife anymore
  4. OH ! , did ENGLAND beat the Mighty AUSTRALIA ??? i must of missed that blutach
  5. Blu not so much a cricket fan., in fact , my works asked me to work on saturday, and i said no chance, the crickets on the TV, and i dont like cricket ( i almost hate it as much as i hate work). However, i do like going in forums and taking the piss out of genuine Australian cricket fans . as i told you before, im not a fan as such, but this series has been entertaining i must admit
  6. and now, the end is near, i face the long and final curtain BWA HAHAHA Blu , the forcast is rain, rain, and more rain, thru till monday . personally, i would have liked to see it done at the crease .......... so i could take the piss even more, but if it has to be decided by the weather, well, i guess that still gives us the win
  7. a Spec ial thanks to you Guvner , just glad to see you occupied again with this , i was debationg having the user name volvo for simplicity , then force of habit went for the fl10 bit when registering, but you can cqall me what you like |( except "my bitch" , that was embaressing last time ) . and thx for the promotion great to see all the others here as well , as for blu being able to read my post , well , dont worry, it wont be long before i fook up with the tie ping . LMAO , AT LAST , thanks for the info on tomtom, i finally confused it , mind it did take a few weeks/months, seriously, thanks for that , its been very helpfull many times already . i could never catch you in irc , but at elast i can on here now fully agree, it wont be long before you gett he 250,000 members guvner
  8. Happy Bollocks to the lot of ya i see LFC is a number 2 then ? VERY good to see ya again guv'ner
  9. volvofl10


    LOL, and if you dont look at the date, you spend about 10 minutes searching for the download on the mirror like i did #39;(
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