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  1. May be a nice idea. aMadEUs, if you're interested, just let me know.
  2. WillCroPoint's French translation is back: IB I don't mind it being published on the site or not (I will not fight against aMadEUs! ) but I have seen ones preferring mine in the past so here it is. As always I've tried to make sure no strings were truncated in forms (except the ones I don't have access to like the Autoloader ones). Not tested on XP this time (which has different font than Vista/7 and thus different string lenghts, but I guess it should be okay). french.zip
  3. French translation for ImgBurn by WillCroPoint. For people who prefer mine. Note that no string are be cut on both XP and Vista/7 systems, I have checked most of them on both systems again (with default system fonts and sizes) and put additional characters where it became possible (I guess some forms had their field widths increased). Keep in mind I have never ripped any other translator since I started translating ImgBurn a year ago, pure original. ;-) C U. french.zip
  4. French, minor corrections following "slolo"'s feedback. For French guys insterested. I have seen "Amadeus" has made a translation but seeing a guy has sent feedback about mine I've just updated it accordingly. I will wait for to post others, promised. french.zip
  5. Ooops sorry, I did not see you already put an French translation there...
  6. Hi all French translation for ImgBurn here. Hope it will be fine! Thanks again for this great software! french.zip
  7. French translation based on base file. french_willcropoint.zip Translated new strings. Enhanced string lenghts thanks to increased parameter dialog width. Checked with both XP and Vista default fonts. Few other enhancements. Please, could you tell me if this is the right place to post the translation file? Maybe I should send them directly to you [LIGHTNING UK!]? Thanks again for this great piece of software!
  8. Ooops I'll be more careful with that one (the base file) the next times. french_willcropoint.zip Also corrected string lengths for Vista (I have just noticed the default Vista font uses more horizontal space than the default one in XP ).
  9. Small French translation corrections. french_by_WillCroPoint.zip Sorry for that. I have just seen the Changer dialog screenshot so I tried to match the French button caption string lengths with the English ones. Also enhanced/corrected a very few other stuff here and there. I'll be happy with it until the next release, promise. Also, LIGHTNING UK! and blutach: you're welcome!
  10. Hi everyone! (My first post here ) Here is the French translation for ImgBurn french_by_WillCroPoint.zip I translated almost everything (except "Plextor blahblah", "PGC" and pngimageX), even though I may need to check the Medium changer stuff (but anyway, I will not be able to test the string lengths as I do not have such a device ; and you know French way of saying things can require many characters ). Hope you will like it. And thanks for providing us with such a great piece of software!!
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