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  1. Yep, Here in the states they run for and get elected president. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that made me almost run off the road and hit a guard rail I was laughing so much. "Ten thousand points of light, and we have to get the dim one!" Cheers, rcubed
  2. LUK, Sorry I didn't get the terminology correct. BTW the display is a 226BW not 225BW. It was late last night. Thanks again for the addition. Rcubed
  3. LUK, Yes the window in ImgBurn does show the settings. I have a Plex 716SA and a LiteOn LH-20AP1 KL0N. I just missed where it was. I was expecting the selection window to show the current setting. When I looked a little closer I noticed the current setting is is shown in text above the drop down window. Yes it does track what the SmartBurn Utility does and vice versa. I just started using a Samsung 225BW LCD monitor and the text is a little smaller than on my older IBM P96 19" CRT (I'll use that as my excuse for not paying attention to the total content of the window) Or better yet I'm and old fart and my eyesight isn't as good as it was 20 years ago. Yep! That looks excellent. I'm assuming that was added to the normal log. That wasn't in the extended log data all ready was it? I normally don't (and haven't had any problems so I haven't had any reason to) list the extended log data. Thanks again for your prompt and helpful response. Cheers, Rcubed
  4. LUK, Would it be possible to add the advanced options that are in effect (if drive supports any) when the burn is done. For example the LiteOn drives have four that can be selected Smart Burn, Hyper Tune, Overspeed, and On Line Hypertune. In a related question does ImgBurn interact with the settings that may have been set through the LiteOn utility such as Smartburn. Does it leave them as they are or does it reset them if none are selected in the advanced options, even though nothing may have been selected in ImgBurn. The reason I ask is I have On Line Hypertune for my LiteOn selected with SmartBurn, but it doesn't show up as enabled in the Advanced Options in ImgBurn. Basically how do they interact? Again thanks for a really dependable and easy to use software tool. :D :D I use it for all of my burns these days, with excellent results. Only coasters I get are my fault. Thanks again, Rcubed
  5. Hey Shamus I really like your avitar , my wife was unimpressed, but then she lacks a sense of humor with certain topics Cheers, Cuber
  6. Author' choice, you get to call the shots. Not a bigie anyway. Thanks for all the good work, Cuber
  7. Hi, Again thanks for a superior program LUK. :) :) I use it for everything, but authoring audio cds. Would it be reasonable and possible to add the revision level to the window title i.e. as VobBlanker does? Thanks for your consideration. Cuber
  8. A New Guy, Could you send me a PM and let me know if you made any progress with your SATA problem. Thanks, rcubed
  9. A New Guy, My bios for the 3114 shows 5.1.39. It's the one that came with the mobo. I tried the driver approach 1st rather than mess with the bios. Plus I could never figure out how to update the bios for the 3114 (no guts). I suspected it was contained in the mobo bios, but was never sure. Asus doesn't offer any info on updating it. Did you do it through the Silicon Logic interface in XP? The Microsoft driver updates are under windows updates, custom. I have normally stayed away from the driver updates from Microsoft and usually get them from the vendors. Microsoft doesn't supply very much detail on what the driver update is for or what it does. I think I made sure I had a backup of my existing drivers before I tried the MS ones. Although it might help. Boy! I don't know what to suggest next other than contact the mobo and/or Silicon lLgic people, or the mob forums if they have one. I don't think your drives are broken. Just as a test at least for the 716SA you could put the jumper on the drive and force PIO mode to check. That mode is useless for normal function it's waaaaaayyyyyy toooo slow. I don't have the message you are getting. I think it was showing up in the LUK ripping program and I think unticking (no check mark) the Disable Media Change Notification under the Device tab fixed it. It just started occurring when doing rips using RipIt4Me. That box is not ticked (in my configuration) with ImgBurn. LUK might be able to shed some light on what that box actually does. I don't know about your mobo bios settings, but I would think the 3114 SATA not the RAID option would be the proper setting. Just out of curiosity what does device manager say for the details on the drives. Mine shows them connected as Ultra DMA 4. I don't know if I would recommend putting a PCI SATA adapter card into your mobo at this point, might just be more money down the drain. As I said I had a devil of a time getting one that would work in my A7N8X-Deluxe. Normally the 3114 chip set seems to work in most applications. I don't know if any of the other forum readers could suggest other sites that may address this problem. You have my sympathy. This problem just about drove me nuts. I may have had similar problems when I 1st put the A8N-SLI mobo in my case and started bringing it up. What I have mentioned are the steps as I remember them that I used to get it going. I probably have blanked the bad experience out of my mind. I went with SATA drives because I had all the other IDE ports tied up with either HDs or CD burners. When I was having the problem it would show up as errors when ripping and or verifying. I did some byte by byte comparisons on the data that should have been in the file and the actual data read back and bytes were sometimes out of order within a 32 bit word. I could never figure out what was causing it. Probably some timing problem somewhere. I think Adaptec blew me off with the comment that the SATA adapter wasn't designed for optical drives when I contacted tech support. Sorry I've run out of ideas/suggestions, again anyone else have any? Cuber P.S. As an after thought. You might try uninstalling the controller and let XP do the reinstall.
  10. A New Guy, I downloaded the manual for your mobo. It looks like your mobo has two sets of SATA connectors one for the NVIDIA controller and one for the SIL 3114. Where do you have the Plextors plugged in on your mobo. I would recommend the SIL 3114 SATA slots 5,6,7, or 8. Slots 1-4 are the NVIDIA SATA. I don't remember whether or not I tried mine on the NVIDIA SATA controller. I have the HDs plugged into the NVIDIA, so I put the Plextors on the SIL3114 to avoid contention in the controller with the HDs also I may have tried them on the NVIDIA and had problems. I don't have any RAID sets configured for the SIL3114. The 716SAs are just regular drives on the controller. Mine are plugged in slots 5 and 7 (they show up as logical devices 0 and 2) any slot should work. To my knowledge I never loaded the RAID software for the 3114s. I don't know how your mobo boots up, but I get a SIL31114 message along with an option of F4 to configure the RAID. This may be doing the same thing the software you can load under XP to manage the RAID configuration. I am also running XP Pro SP2. My Silicon Image 3114 shows up under SCSI and RAID Controller in Device Manager as Silicon Image SiI 3114 SoftRaid 5 Controller. The driver level I am running is It's available out on the Silicon Image web site. I may have had to update the 3114 drivers from the original ones that came with the ASUS disk. Microsoft has had two driver updates for hardware on their site. Like I said I'm running currently. I'm hoping you have them on the NVIDIA controller and that is the problem. Moving them to the 3114 should fix your problems (I hope). If the 3114 controller is configured as a RAID set that may also be causing problems. I would think deleting any raid sets would fix that and allow your Plextors to be regular drives. The link to SIL for the driver is http://www.siliconimage.com/support/suppor...amp;osid=4& Let us know how you are configured and make out. Cuber
  11. A New Guy, Did you check on the Plextor website and see if the SATA chip set is listed as compatible with the Plextor SATA drive. I had a really difficult time with my 716SA and and Asus A7N8X Deluxe. It used the Nforce 2 chip set. The drive would be flaky on verifies. The burns appeared to be ok. This was before I was doing DLs. I finally got it to work with a PCI card from Promise SATA II 150 TX4 (it's been discontinued). Have you tried verifying the DVD with a different drive after it was written by the Plextor to see if it is just a verify problem. However it was still slot sensitive in the mobo back panel. Also I had to use the latest drivers from Promise. The SATA optical drives can be really picky. I have since updated to an Asus A8N-SLI Premium and that is working for both my 716SAs with no problems. I have them on the Silicon Image 3114 controller. I can understand the cost issues. I went through two different SATA PCI cards before I got one that worked. I could never get the Adaptec PCI controller to work, even though is was one of the ones listed on the Plextor site. When I contacted Adaptec they commented the card wasn't certified for use with optical drives. Keep us posted, Good luck, Cuber
  12. LUK, Thanks for your thoughts on the matter. I'll put a postit near the display and one on the PC Tower to remind me. The only problem there is I have sooooooooo many stuck in too may places. Again thanks for the consideration. Cuber
  13. LUK, Stupid me I keep forgetting to change the burn rate for DL DVDs. I burn SL TY's at 8x and DL Verbatim's at 6x. Like an idiot I keep forgetting to change the burn rate sometimes when I burn a DL. Is it possible for ImgBurn to remember the settings for each and set last used rate for that type when a blank disk is inserted. I would keep (dumb) people from me from messing up. PS Other features of the program ( v have been working great. Keep up the good work. As always I look forward to the next release. ImbBurn it my primare (an only burn program these days a complete tool. Cuber
  14. LUK, Yes they were png files, but I got them by saving a jpg, importing to paint and saving as png. My fault for not paying attention to the drop down menu in DVDInfoPro . I'll take note an do it right the next time. My excuse was it was late my time. Thanks for your time and trouble. I guess it will remain one of life's little mysteries. The up side is the burn went ok otherwise. Thanks again, rucbed Sorry the late hour for me was actually the first post. Yesterday's was in the PM (a more normal hour). I guess I'll change the plea to loss of sleep
  15. LUK, And here's the IBG file. Thanks again rcubed Example.ibg
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