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  1. Hah... good to hear I shall check back every now and then. Cheers PS - and who says the squeaky gate doesn't get the oil
  2. I have a digital tuner hooked up to my pc. For every show that I like I have one DVD+RW disk that I store episodes on. After I have recorded an episode, I edit out the adds, convert the MPEG files to AVI, then store it on the DVD+RW disk. As the series is shown on tv over a long period of time, I have many partial filled DVD+RW disks of episodes. Once full I then copy them and burn them to DVD-R. Rinse and repeat for the next lot. The system is simple and works well, allows me to find what I want easily, doesn't waste disks and helps ease the burden on the hard drive. My point is not to say the author of Imgburn MUST include multi session... it is his program and he is offering it for free, and I respect his wishes not to. I am however challenging the assumption that it doesn't have it's uses... as I think other people in this thread also have. Anyway, I felt compelled to create an account and comment on this as when I searched google for imgburn and multisession DVD this thread appeared on the first page. I thought if enough people actually say that it is useful he may consider adding it (as otherwise it appears a great program.) In the mean time I have found CDBurnerXP which appears to support this and might try that out. Thanks.
  3. Maybe I am missing something here... but I do not have the option of incrementally adding to the DVD+RW with ImgBurn. I was using DLA, but due to the locking up and crashing it causes, that is what I want to ditch. Multisession will allow me to do this (although not quite as simply as drag and drop in Explorer) and when I have enough episodes I can then burn them to DVD-R, whether as an ISO from the DVD+RW or copy files back onto harddrive first. Can you elaborate on what you mean?
  4. Perhaps I am unusual in the way I store things, but when I record a TV show, I convert it and place it onto a DVD+RW. One DVD+RW per show (although I gradually fill it up over the season). Once they fill up (which happens over a long period of time) I copy them onto a DVD-R. I then reuse the DVD+RW. I was using DLA (which I love the principal but hate the bugginess) but have decided to get rid of it once and for all as I believe multi-session would kinda let me do what I want. If I do not have multisession, I would be wasting so much space on each disk, and have way too many disks. I also do not have enough hard drive space to keep them all for long periods of time. So while I respect the author's decision to not include it in his software, I do believe there are legitimate reasons for it.
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