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  1. Hey, you're right. Removed alot but the side effects! Although, I opted for straight acetone which completely removes all the moisture in your skin, leaving what was once dark inky patches, are now reddish, dry flaking, skin cracking, dark inky patches. I completely ignored the warning lable for fear of the shock would kill me if I found out how harmful this stuff is for the human body. I'm telling you right now, no more chemicals in the face. From GooGone to Acetone, I'm through. Can a man wear makeup without too much ridicule? Forget it.. I got the next few days off, I'm staying in the garage.
  2. No way! Although my pride is shot, there is no denying it, the evidence is painfully clear.
  3. Just venting: I bought one of those sets of refillable cartridge sets for my R200 printer. As luck would have it, while filling the last cartridge (Black), my lack of syringe training and technique was very evident. With my limited experience with these devices, It became suddenly clear that compressing an air bubble on top of the ink in a syringe while filling the cart is a BAD thing. Especially when you get near the bubble. The bubble quickly released all its fury with the remaining ink, causing what I can best describe as a "jetted backfire" from the cart fill hole, which, of course, was perfectly aligned with my left eye, nose, and gaping mouth of concentration. Well, as you may have guessed, spitting is also a bad idea when over a light colored (white) carpet. For some reason, black dye started to migrate everwhere. Keep in mind that I am still holding the syringe at this point, blind in one eye, speckled face, spitting, and destroying the wife's sacred rug. She was already ticked about my spending $60 on carts and ink. Now the damned carpet. I managed to get my facially distorted, one eyed, syringe wielding body to the kitchen sink where I frantically tried to wash off the dye. This was futile, as the bathroom mirror would prove later, while cursing back at me. Probably would have been better had I not touched my face during the blast, which created strange finger painting type lines. The wife and kids (teens) has such pearls of wisdom to offer, like "something's on your face", "nice job", or "I'm not going anywhere with you looking like that", and "look what you did to the carpet". Now I'm faced with going to the office tomorrow where I can be assured that my co-workers will have incredibly insightful and supportive things to say to me. Another day in the life...
  4. Actually, this was quite common in the early to mid '80's although for a different purpose, one example was that the Commodore 64 disk drives would get slammed by various copy protection schemes with illegit copies, knocking them out of alignment, sometimes permanently. I should know, I was constantly repairing the darn things for people.
  5. Not really a support issue I guess, but I have been experimenting with running multiple instances of ImgBurn simultaneously, with different drives of course. Is there any risk, out of the ordinary here? Other than having enough raw CPU power to run 3 burners at once. I also have been reading images with multiple instances of DVDD running, seemingly without and problem, images are all created fine, with exception of the read speed locking in at whatever drive is reading the lowest rate. Limitation of my IDE channel?? Anyway, not to harp on, but what's your take on this? Anybody else running multiple instances?
  6. Dude, where do you get the time! Do you have a day job? Other than spinning plastic all day?!
  7. Just curious about the varying write types in the two progs. Purpose for the switch? Advantage or dis for writes?
  8. ROBAK

    Fly in my Coke!

    Quicker to just buy a new keyboard I agree completely, and as I am a cheapo, I use the 7.99 keyboards and they usually last until I drop something on it again. Although, I think I still got a spare XT keyboard in the garage I can dig up. I have so much old computer junk!
  9. ROBAK

    Fly in my Coke!

    I knew I heard some strange noise on my desk earlier but could not find what it was until I got to the bottom of my can of Coke. Damn fly (still alive) ended up in my mouth which caused me to spew all over my stuff. Now my keyboard is sticky, and the little bastard got away before I could smash him.
  10. How about just renaming the file to what DVDD was? And putting in same Dir. I thought ImgBurn used the same cli args (/src,/dest,/start,/close,etc.)? Am I wrong?
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