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  1. There is/are. I dont know how to start the program and I see no guide on how to start the program therfore maybe you should make a guide about it Corrected
  2. Create CUE File.....Yup. Any 5 year old, 90 year old, or new user understands that that means to create a audio CD. Its very obvious. How could even I a tech user miss it? Also instresting that since it is so easy, that ImgBurn has to have a guide for it....Why isnt there a guide for opening the program/burning a ISO/burning data/etc? Also the face of someone that doesn't want their product to reach further and further in general user usage because that someone doesnt want to make a simple "Make Audio CD" option. Your lost not mine.
  3. My main question now is why do I have to look up a guide to burn a Audio CD in a cd burning program? I mean come on....Its one of the key/first features in a cd burning program. Um I opened CDBurnerXP, click on Audio Disc, and I can drag the tracks (up to 74/80 mins) I want to burn. 3 steps which are clearly written for burning a audio disc. I rather have 3 steps and no CD-TEXT vs. a cheap workaround guide with CD-TEXT. I love ImgBurn but not making a simple GUI for (audio CDs) is just lazy. Hell, Ill do the GUI and you just program the neccesary functions for each button/text box/etc to work correctly.
  4. I have a small thing: Why dont instead of adding the newest version to the current (last post) you just edit your first post and add the latest version also posting a changelog? This way we dont have to read the whole thread again....
  5. I read the guide and it is IMO a cheap workaround. A native CD audio burning option should be avaliable.
  6. I got this idea because someone in another forum was making a GUI to a CD burning API and I told him what a great software this is for it but he complained that after a few minutes it is impossible to find a option to burn a audio CD. I myself look and there is no option that says Burn Audio CD. As a matter of fact, I have CDBurnerXP installed just for that. Because ImgBurn does everything I want/need except burn audio CDs. I should (like he said) have to google to look for a way to burn a audio CD or like you said look at a guide for it.
  7. Hey Its kinda old since everyone now makes MP3 CDs but why doesnt ImgBurn have a Audio CD option to be able to fill up a 80 min CD-R with songs that in total are <=80 mins?
  8. I told it "No" and it changed mines anyhow. This is using the Write files/folders to disc option. Yup it changes it to DivX Video automatically, even if I say no.
  9. Then either: 1. You go write the routines that support it (for free); and/or 2. Use other software Winner - S.F.I.O.T.D. award. Quoting parts you only want huh.... Let me complete the quote: Just in case you missed it...
  10. Even if I say Yes or No, it will still make it a DivX Video disc. I want it to be a data disc. I had to burn it with CDBurnerXP.
  11. Well even though it is a Windows application, I dont see the problem in adding DMG support. Other software support it. Of course, if it is too much trouble then I agree seeing (as you said) it is a Windows application. And http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Book_(audio_CD_standard) (What you mean) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_Books (What I mean) Thanks for all the replies
  12. Hey Im having a annoying issue with ImgBurn (first ever). Im writing a data CD with a bunch of pictures and one AVI. Because of that ONE AVI, ImgBurn automatically changes the type of disc from data to DivX Video. I want it to be recored as simple date, not a video. How can I fix this?
  13. Sorta merged all my threads I see Being curious, why not? (to both Nos) The "What?": You problably know that every CD has their own standards type: I dont know them off my head but for example a CD-ROM could be black a CD-R could be yellow and a music CD could be red. Standards support would be to make a CD-R look like a black standard disc (CD-ROM) or a red standard disc (music CD) and etc.
  14. Hey Will it be possible in the future to be able to write a CD-R/CD-RW to standards (Rainbow books)?
  15. Hey Im wondering if there are plans in the future to support .DMG files (Apple's "ISO").
  16. Hey Im wondering if there are any plans in the future to include filesystems such as Rock Ridge, Apple ISO9660, etc.
  17. When it asks me for a boot image, where can I get that? Basically I have a "emergency CD" that boots up and gives me a bunch of utilities. I want to add to the ISO anotherprogram.exe. The ISO is already bootable. I extract the ISO to a folder, add anotherprogram.exe to the folder, and make a new ISO from that folder BUT it does not boot anymore. How can I make it bootable again? (If I need to reexplain something, go ahead and post)
  18. And how do you "configure correctly" WINE? I tried running it Vista and XP mode and it doesnt not detect my drive. And Yes in Windows the drive is detected.
  19. Latest version of ImgBurn doesnt support Ubunutu 8.04.1. It cant detect the drive. This is without a doubt the best software for burning but its a shame Wine can't handle it.
  20. Hey Ive been using this program since its DVD Dec days. Amazing how its progressed Great job. I burn everything/anything with this as it has the best support for different file types, best speed, small size, etc. The ONLY thing that is missing is LightScribe/LabelFlash support. Do you think it could be added? Thank you very much and keep up the great work LU!
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