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  1. Hi. Finnish lang.dll, ver 2580. J L finnish_2580.zip
  2. thanks, ok, so we'll wait for real 2.5.8. L --- edit: now (16.6.2013) it is on DL-page.
  3. well, that has not been the way to do it earlier, I have already done 2570, how can I use it again, with different words? see from this new 'text compare' html: "Text Compare Produced: 24/05/2013 11:01:43 Mode: Differences Left file: D:\www\imgburn\download\translations\base_file_2.5.7.0.zip\ImgBurn.dklang Right file: D:\www\imgburn\download\translations\base_file_2.5.8.0.zip\ImgBurn.dklang " as you can see up, there should be this 'base_file_2.5.8.0.zip\ImgBurn.dklang' it is odd to make translations to file that earlier (2570) said 'delete' and now (2580) 'remove' - no sense in that ? 748 ToolButton_Delete.Caption=00000011,Delete <> 748 ToolButton_Remove.Caption=00000011,Remove and these items are not there, because they are new ones: (?) -+ 1856 pmnuSendBurnerMAXPayload.Caption=00000866,Send BurnerMAX Payload 1857 mnuSendBurnerMAXPayload.Caption=00000867,Send BurnerMAX Payload 1858 Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_PlatformIdentifier_Label.Caption=00000868,Platform ID: 1859 Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_PlatformIdentifier.Items=00000870,80x86\nPower PC\nMac\nUEFI\n 1860 Panel_ISOBUILD_BootableDisc_PlatformIdentifier.Text=00000869,80x86 of course, if this is now the way to do it, then ok... L ps. sorry to hijack this 'Czech Translation', was not my intention, just wanted to get 2580 file, and thought he would know...
  4. sorry, not the differences.html, but the very ImgBurn.dklang -file ver. itself... L
  5. hi! need some advice to make my lang-update, where did you find/get base file to, can't see it on DL page, only the old one Base File (*) I must be blind... L
  6. Hello. Finnish language file for ImgBurn ver Johan Ludwig Language_File_2570_finnish.zip
  7. Hello. Finnish language file for ImgBurn ver Johan Ludwig finnish_2560.zip
  8. Hi. Here is Finnish language file for ImgBurn v2.5.3.0 (Base ... J L (edit: removed old version)
  9. Hello! (Here is) Finnish language file for ImgBurn v2.5.2.0 (Base ... Johan Ludwig (edit: removed old version)
  10. Hi! Here is Finnish language file for ImgBurn v2.5.1.0 (Base ... Johan Ludwig (edit: removed old version)
  11. Hi! I've got the differences file, but where is the 'Base File' itself? I can see only ... used to need it for translations? Ludwig
  12. Hi! Here is Finnish language file for ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 (Base ... Johan Ludwig (edit: removed old version; last post most recent)
  13. Here is (again) the Finnish language file for ImgBurn. (2:nd version, some minor adjustments...) I corrected/fixed a couple of a-bit-tricky-items (pregap snapping, parse timeout, Browse For File - Dereference Links) Johan Ludwig
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