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    Good luck Kirk.
  2. The MDS file is basically just a set of instructions that tell Imgburn how to handle the ISO when burning...if you'll notice it is usually just a few Kb in size. If I have an MDS available when I make a burn I typically choose it vs. the ISO to burn directly from. If you are burning to DL media it is important to choose the MDS because it also contains the layer break information.
  3. Are you still waiting on someone to take the bait?
  4. Look on the upside....if you fry the drive a new one will be pretty cheap.
  5. Thats what I'm talkin 'bout...
  6. Looks good Kirk...I wish I had the space to do that kind of work. I have a good start on the tools I just don't have the room to work.
  7. A log, as suggested, would be the best post...but what brand media are you using and is your firmware up to date on the burner?

    Movie Chat

    I just watched A Scanner Darkly the other day and thought it was very amusing...I am a bit biased as I personally thing Woody and Robert Downey are two of the most talented actors around.
  9. Someone has lopped the head off the log.
  10. @crooner What you have on your desktop was a special release of DVD Shrink that looked for Imgburn instead of DVDD when it came time to burn...this has since been pulled from the supporting site, but may still be available via google search.


    I agree with Loco Kirk, when they stop chasing their sisters around the bedroom they practice pretty good medicine....... No hillbilly jokes please
  12. Yeah that's a different fella all together...to bad he's making money off LUK's good name.


    I wish you all the best Kirk. I'm from the Bluegrass state as well. I haven't lived there in 30 years but most all of my family is still there. Luckily for you they actually have some pretty good doctors in that state too.
  14. Seems she is just a tease...I've been staring at the Avatar for a long time and she never lifts up the shirt.
  15. Thanks for the welcome peoples.... @Altercuno Glad I could be of assistance bud.
  16. I definitely don't want to give anyone a heart attack or stroke...please let me know if anyone suffers any undesired effects, such as palpatations or seizures and I'll find a more suitable AV. I just realized I've been a member here for a while but have never made a post.
  17. It's also not recommended to put more than one movie per disc for quality reasons depending on the size of the movies and compression required.
  18. LOL...I thought someone may like it. Thanks for the welcome Blu.
  19. I think Blu may have hit the nail on the head...
  20. The good news is quality drives are pretty inexpensive these days...
  21. Have you tried Rhapsody or the new "pay" version of Napster? Neither use a proprietary format like iTunes does.
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