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  1. i know is the latest version but when will be released newer, or whatever verison will be if is the last version that will ever be then your answer have sense
  2. Do you know when the new version will be out?
  3. thx for your reply right now i don't have any blank DLs but i will try it when i buy them
  4. I was using nero and i couldn't burn with speed less then 4x DL dvds with my Plextor px 800a. With ImgBurn i can choose the speed that i want (2.4x), so what i want to know is, is it good to use that speed, why coulnd't i burn in less speed then 4x in nero. I heard that some dvd-rw drives may have problems burning with low speed so maybe thats why i can't choose 2.4x in nero, is it true. I started to use ImgBurn and i want to know can i burn at 2.4x DL dvds
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