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  1. Newer drivers? I update my drivers monthly with the offical AMD package. The problem already existed on my system with my older burner. This older burner works fine now in another system. Version was no improvement, the problem stil exists. Furthermore, I made some additional tests. If I run ImgBurn directly after booting the system and burn a few discs, this works fine. But if I leave the application open all the time, it locks up my system next time I put a disc in the drive.
  2. I'm always up-to-date with the monthly ATI driver package (GA-MA78G-DS3H with ATI 780G). It currently locked my system again, but now I have the debug output where it hangs: It the moment the system is still running, but I can't close ImgBurn, I cannot run new programs, I can't kill it with ProcessExplorer and I even can't shut the PC down properly. After submitting this posting I have to press the reset button to get it working again. Directly after startup ImgBurn works fine again, but after some uptime this problem appears when I run ImgBurn only. I could not determine any other problems with my system.
  3. I did not manage to get the output if the system locks up, as I don't know when this will happen. After a reboot, ImgBurn is working fine. There must be some action in the system which locks it up. The most scary thing is that you cannot kill ImgBurn even with ProcessExplorer. Until I get proper output, this is the output when it is working: Thanks in advance.
  4. You mean posting #6, by chance? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=59&view=findpost&p=972
  5. Hi, if I start ImgBurn, it does not find my DVD writer anymore. The only thing I get in the log is this: I 09:05:34 ImgBurn Version started! I 09:05:34 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 3) I 09:05:34 Total Physical Memory: 1.832.364 KB - Available: 965.520 KB I 09:05:35 Initialising SPTI... I 09:05:35 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... If I try to close ImgBurn, nothing happens. It just writes this output and stays there forever: I 09:08:01 Close Request Acknowledged I 09:08:01 Closing Down... Furthermore it locks up my whole system in the background, which means that I'm unable to start any application or even restart the system properly. I have to press the reset button. The only way ImgBurn works is directly after installation. Once the program is closed, it doesn't work anymore. Any hints? Thanks in advance.
  6. Many thanks for your prompt reply. It wouldn't be a problem to send the drive to you, but since it is rather antique it would make more sense to simply replace it. I just use it because it is there and still works, so I don't care about that any further.
  7. Hello, I also have this "cue sheet" problem, but the debug log does not show "Invalid Command Operation Code" but "Invalid Field in Parameter List". Does that mean the same? I attached the debug log. Thanks in advance for your help. ImgBurn.log
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