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  1. write speed is implemented on the main dialog...change it before you press burn
  2. Don't know blu but mrbass must have seen it somewhere just one example http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=38
  3. I know it took Nero forever to add this. Initially when they did there were OH SO MANY PROBLEMS. Back in the DVD2SVCD FAQ at some time it was recommened not to burn .cue files with Nero. Now it's hunky dory though. It would be a nice feature for those into SVCDs and VCDs.
  4. The author of dvdfab did precisely that. Even that was too hot to handle in Germany so yes it's not a good idea.
  5. thanks ...got it edit: one more quick quesiton what is the .DVD extension for. I was able to search and look up all the other extensions but this one. Which program creates .DVD?
  6. also my mirror is up too Guide isn't really meant for people who've used dvddecrypter cuz really a guide doesn't need to exist. This is just for total virgins to it. http://mrbass.org/dvdburn I had a couple questions and if you could explain in just a small sentence and I could use that for my guide if that'd be ok. Write Type: DAO (Disc at Once) ....incremental (not sure about that one) does this mean it doesn't close out the session and allows multiple sessions to be recorded to that disc...if so then I totally understand User Specified - Sectors in LO: (gonna have to look this up)
  7. When dvddecrypter went good-bye there were many comments about people wanting to donate for that program but were no longer able to. Well that handicap no longer exists so it's all about perspective as to which program your donating for even though officially it's for imgburn.
  8. ok I have a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1693S KS09 (ATA) and to me the EEPROM is a new option which I guess I didn't notice in DVD Decrypter cuz I rarely use it. But EEPROM is suppose to remember it forever (until dvd burner driver newer firmware is installed) or just until it reboots.
  9. what is read speed for? Does ImgBurn do on-the-fly or something. I only have one drive so I guess I wouldn't know. edit: ok is this for 'verify after write' ?
  10. wow naked tits for avatars and f word floating around ...seems like the wild west forums.
  11. ok I never suggested this for dvddecrypter because burning wasn't it's main emphasis now I don't feel guilty suggesting this for ImgBurn. Say you crank out a DVD Slideshow and wish to make 25 copies for a family reuninion or something of that sort. It already has the eject ability to say you set it to 25 copies after the first copy it ejects then starts automatically once a new DVD/CD is put in the tray and starts burning. This is all automatically without the need for the monitor to be on. I think nero has this ability but (maybe I'm remembering it wrong) you had to click a mouse button to confirm the burn and then it'd eject and also click to start it (ok perhaps not click to start it part) but the monitor had to be turned back on. Basically want to do this so a blind monkey could do it (i.e. my wife).
  12. ImgTool Burn ....phew I thought it was ImgBurn also then I looked it up and it's ImgTool Burn not ImgBurn. Ok your safe with the name http://www.coujo.de/
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