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  1. Here is requested source disk info,also I have few homemade DVD's that I thought maybe I would try to copy, same thing. Yes the burned DVD plays on PC fine. Thank you for your time and help. info from the source disc.txt
  2. Hello Everyone, My 10 year old boy brought home DVD with the project that they created at school he asked me if I could copy the DVD so he could keep it as he has to return the original to the teacher (teacher advised them to copy) I have been using imgburn for quite sometimes and to be honest I cannot recall if I ever had a similar problem before. I've tested on two different computers with the same result, which is unplayable on my Panasonic Blu ray player, changing speeds doesn't make a difference. The two computers have LG Blu ray drives one is newer than the other (BH14 & BH16 but they're both new. Surprisingly if I copy and burn the DVD with PowerISO DVD plays fine. One thing I've noticed and I don't know if that will make any difference is that if I use regular DVD burner at the end of burning process when files are being synchronized ImgBurn shows the percentage of the progress but using my Blu ray drives that's not happening its synchronizing without the percentage progress that's when the DVD it's not playable, tested with different brands of DVD's. Again if I use the PowerISO DVD plays just fine regardless of which burner I use. Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. ImgBurn_Write_ISO.log ImgBurn_Build_ISO.log
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