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  1. That is a good one I hope you aren't as delusional as they are. Good luck getting honest answer other then the same nonsense that they have been feeding everyone repeatedly for the past 9 years.
  2. I'm not trying to be rude or make anyone feel less worthy, but you guys are either very delusional or brainwashed. Similar was said almost 2 years ago and other nonsense years before that and here we go again or or Do any of you hear yourself and how you sound making those excuses....Its been 9 years........9 years listen the sound of it. This is the most irrational and self convincing comments I have ever heard. Useless and hollow words not to be even consider to take seriously after all this time of empty promises.
  3. Fixed were.....? nothing its fixed and hasn't been since windows 10 which is years. You can say you working on it, its all nonsense, just like reporting of wrong windows version and other small bugs, none of that has been fixed. I know I've said I wont post it again, but I also said, despite the fact that there is really no support and yes, you might point someone to a small work around of their issue(s) here and there, but the problems still exists .....no updates for 8 years....crazy. Despite all of that, I still think imgburn is nice app, in fact my favourite, but my patience its running so thin and when I said ImgBurn Is dead I meant every word...is dead as a software development, no developer leaves their project untouched for 8 years and argue "its not dead" I am well aware that my feedback negative, for reason and you more then welcome to ban me and even delete my account I honestly wont take offence. Have a good day Thanks
  4. I have reported the exact thing among other issues in earlier 2020-2021 and although supposedly "Lightning UK" have seen it, but was basically pointing to windows issue and was never fixed, so good luck. I am really struggling to understand why would the persons who took over this domain keep this alive, I truly don't see a purpose..Imgburn is absolutely undeniably dead so should be this supposedly "Support site" support for what? its rhetorical question so please don't answer.
  5. Have you try using IsoBuster, wonderful tool. This thing will see and try to extract files out of discs that are either damaged or when other programs can read them correctly, although its not free, but its worth every penny.
  6. You still think I'm crazy👏 That's what I say👎 The end of 2021 and still nothing.....💩😀 Not happening... I don't know why I even asked. If "supposedly Lightning UK" can't fix window separation between log and main UI or address the wrong windows version in the log...there is no hope for any update so yes... ImgBurn is dead R.I.P. Goodbye
  7. Don't tell anyone🤐.... but I'm lurking here literally on daily bases hoping for the BIG announcement😮🙂
  8. Thanks for the log, this indeed looks like nice progress. My only hope is and nothing would make me happier then to see the final release. I'm looking forward to see the day of release. Thanks again. btw. If that happens, not only I will keep my word I will also make monthly, smaller donations as well.
  9. If its not a secret, Is it possible to see the change log please, If not that's OK. I'm still skeptical, but If indeed the new ImgBurn gets released I will keep my word, I'm old school guy when promise meant something.
  10. Optical Media is very much still alive, maybe not as popular as it was few years ago, but it ain't going away for a log time. My son collection of 4K UHD and Blu-ray is close to 2K and as for me I still use DVD's and M-Disc for my work backups even thou I have home server with close to 2 petabytes of storage for mine and my wife's legal work. I also still love to rip and back up my own movies and I'm sure there is ton of others like me who would appreciate ImgBurn refreshed. With all honesty, If new version was to be released ( which I highly doubt) Its been to long to hope for that, but i would easily donate min. $500 and up, all he has to do is make this happen and release new Imgburn. I make more in a day of work to care about $ so whatever Lightnig UK dealing with now I hope he can bring himself to level of energy and finally do it. Anyways, I know this is probably mute point, but I said my piece.
  11. Is this for a real, you guys interact as if the update will come soon. I would give $$$$$$ if I see it....this is a truly unreal how one can talk so convincing. I have probably close to 400 4K UHD videos that are shrinked with BD rebuilder and nothing would work to burn it correctly using UDF 2.50 like ImgBurn and to make it work on my son's PS3.....Dam it whoever you are "Lighting UK" quit saying BS that you working on update🤐 Update ImgBurn and you will see BIG donation and I don't say things unless I mean it
  12. Do yourself a favor and download either trial of PowerISO or UltraISO (PowerISO is superior) it will burn anything you will throw at it, no cheep excuse to blame on media and If you like it purchase it, Its $29 and updated every 2-5 months. I have Fuji, Verbatim, cheap Ritek and none failed if you use good burning software. ImgBurn used to be superior, but its whey dated lacks all sorts of fixes, I don’t know why anyone would use 8 years dated software. Sadly, ImgBurn has changed, aged and got worse, due to a simple fact that we are in almost 2021. We went through # of different OS with many major fundamental changes, and using software that was last modified in 2013 in XP era, its not the smart move, no offense to anyone. On the surface ImgBurn works, but along the way you will waist a few good disks and hit the wall here and there and excuse will be the same.
  13. You think you are smart with your remark...frankly I didn't expect anyone's response, anyone with slightest commonsense and with just a bit of brain would figure that I made rhetorical comment. You've got a lot to learn I presume you not the sharpest knife in the drawer Good day
  14. There is no way org. LIGHTNIG UK would let go this far, no freaking way. Even simple bugs as mismatch of windows ID in the log, let alone log and main ImgBurn window separation and he, LIGHTNING UK whomever that is, has no idea how to fix it or giving excuse of leaving thing on the back burner to sit?, you really had me going for a while and made me believe you were actually for real:) Phhh... You can say all you want, I still stand by my theory, this is fake website with someone else running it and I'm sure I'm not the only one who knows why people will do such thing. I really want it to donate big chunk of either $ or Euro and I mean 200-300 because I do care, but why, I’m still asking myself. Man, I’m DDD for even coming back here. You can please delete my account Gone
  15. I said in my post above that I wouldn't comment again..although I didn't expect your response and I hope I'm not wrong by saying this…You almost sound like there is still hope for ImgBurn, but once again, thus far all that is, is just a bunch of words. I was going to give you a lengthily reason why LIGHTNING UK should keep ImgBurn alive, but I rather say just a few humble words. Among several multimedia software I own, ImgBurn have always been the burning tool of my chose, there was something very special about this truly swiftly tool that unfortunately I have abandoned few years ago due to lack of updates. Even things like I posted above when on several of my BenQ4 K monitor, ImgBurn log is separated from main window, unless I change the resolution which is cheap fix that could have been fixed long time ago, believe it or not, but those things do matter. Anyhow, even thou I have been using PowerISO, If ImgBurn reincarnated from death I would not hesitate to switch back and I’m not a cheap person by any stretch of imagination I will be more than happy to donate 100Euro as a token of appreciation, that's how much I still would like ImgBurn to be alive and I'm sure, I'm not the only one who feels that way. Anyways, I’m truly done dragging this subject. Thanks for now and let’s see what changes, if anything.
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