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  1. On the download page, translation section: "These files need to be extracted to a 'Languages' folder wherever ImgBurn is installed. (i.e. C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\Languages)" "i.e." may need to be replaced by "e.g.,"
  2. "Ad," as per WordNet: "a public promotion of some product or service." Thus, it was "one dim day" in the history of ImgBurn. But now, it's all fixed! The financial support coming from the Ask toolbar will probably contribute to reimbursing the years of time you've dedicated to this project. Lightning UK! used (perhaps unconsciously) the "door-in-the-face technique": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Door-in-the-face_technique Everything considered, I am respecting your choice. People installing programs too fast will be the ones "paying" for ImgBurn -- fair for all of us.
  3. I don't know, but if you're fast enough to swap discs in the interim it can make for a good joke to the program.
  4. Great! I can confirm that all works great, here.
  5. quick fix: imgburnsetup /S that should divide the masses (=profit) from the high-tech (=cuts down complaints) that's just a compromise. feel free to sensor if against interests :S
  6. Well, the guy has run an "antivirus scan" on it, and repaired it. For $60 though, I could have done the same thing at home! P.S. he said the CD had caught a "virus" while burning, risks CD face when burning, a little like humans when they move from hot to cold and then to hot again with air conditioning. PC repairers, you've got to trust them!
  7. Well, the guy at the shop said he once saw a similar thing happen with Nero. He said that until he repairs it (which he suggested), I should not put it back in, because of the "infection isolation" thing he went on rambling about. Oh, and how are they called, again? I think "PC Squad," or something like that!
  8. I like it the way it is now.
  9. I've wanted to copy an audio CD for my friend, but the CD has stuck itself in the CD-ROM drive. I rebooted the system, thinking that would fix it, but the CD is still stuck.
  10. Yes, a whole lot better. I don't think the forum would be overloaded with questions if this option was not set as default though, but I don't view the shortcut as really necessary either, because, as I've already said, the only of my usual applications by default creating a shortcut on the desktop except ImgBurn is Firefox, and I think the latter is the only one really deserving such a place on the desktop. This has got to be the most important topic ever, by the way. ironically, twipley
  11. The last two posts didn't really add much to the topic, in my humble opinion.
  12. Is desktop icon at installation really necessary? Most applications I have seen do not put such an icon on the desktop by default. What do you think?
  13. I am totally anal. Further, I somehow understand your point of view. I am anal so I will get rid of that disc. EDIT: ImgBurn is neat software, by the way. Kudos to LIGHTNING UK! !!!
  14. Hello. I've burnt this XVID DVD with data verification. Upon verification, "failed to read sector 2,066,xxx," I press continue, and upon the fifth time (or multiples of five), it prompts something like "automatically press continue for you, so you don't have to manually press continue each time a read error is found?" Thing is, I now know that file 05 wasn't written correctly, which is good to know. But, I'm also interested to know if file 06 also suffers from the same problem! But that file is 10k sectors away, so by the speed it is going it will take an hour at least to get to the next file (20 read sectors possessing CRC or ECC errors per minute). What may be useful, is instead, or in addition to asking me whether I want to switch to the "automatic" mode, for the program too to ask me whether I'd like to skip a custom number of sectors. Or else, what might be useful is for the program to offer the user the choice to verify 1/100 or 1/1000 sector, because what an user like me is really interested in is not having sectors 2,066,000 to 2,200,000 tested, but to know when the corrupt sectors approximately ends. Because in the present case an user like me had no choice but to cancel the verification operation, without knowing if file 05 alone is problematic, or if the problem has spread itself to files 06, 07, 08, 09, and 10 too. Because if the only problematic file is the fifth one, I'll keep the disc, but if the problem was localized on a few thousand sectors the disc is still fine for me to be used, especially when it's not an important of a disc, because a few thousand badly written sectors on a movie is not the end of the world.
  15. twipley

    Minor Bug

    Or else, reset "project options" to default settings upon each restart? Because when I first modified those settings I wanted them to be resetted, so I went to tools -> settings in the hope of finding of "reset values" button, which I've did. But, I hadn't seen that "reset settings" button on the build tab before mmalves made me notice it. But maybe here I am merely displaying signs of poor vision. But, still, you know...
  16. twipley

    Minor Bug

    Oh, I hadn't seen it. Wouldn't it make more sense for those to be reset too from the "restore all settings to default values" button?
  17. twipley

    Minor Bug

    Tools->Settings->Restore Defaults->"yes,"->but, does not restore ISO9600 default setting if it was to UDF previously->=bug? twipley
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