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  1. I use Memorex High Gloss. I have heard bad things about STOMPER, Not the apparatus, the label stock: It bubbles up and peels off. I have never had Memorex stock peel off or bubble up - As a matter of fact, I tried to PRY a label off a DVD, it was a Memorex label, I had stuck the wrong label on the disk... I could NOT even budge it, the thing was attached like it was fused onto the DVD. Normally I use Maxell, Memorex, Sony, TDK CD's and DVDs. I wait until they are on sale at Comp USA or Sears. Last month, I bought a stack of 50 Single layer blanks- The kind that have a surface for printing on? Well, they were supposed to be 16x, but they were not, they were 4x. Took me 3 or 4 coasters to figure out, they had labeled it wrong. Once I figured it out, they made great SL backups. Boy I wish I had a DVD labeler, one that prints right on the disk. :P
  2. I'll keep that in mind... I have to buy what I can afford, I have been using Memorex that they had on sale at Comp USA- They always have good disks on sale abut once a month, I go stock up. This time I got 25 for like 50 bucks. Usually they are around 80 bucks. NewEgg should have the Verbatim if not somewhere else. I usually put a label on the disks but still, I avoid media that is shiny smooth on one side: Those are too easy to destroy. I'll google those verbatim and when I get em I'll try what you said.
  3. Ok: Well, don't look so smug CornRoxioHolio you are 100% correct! Shrink cannot make a 2-layer cake! I tried it on 2 different PC's - I unchecked the box, made the full sized ISO image, shoved it into IMGburn, started burning and got an immediate error that the image was not optimised for the break. So Poo on you: You oughtta be very happy that now I gotsta re-burn about half my backed up DVDs. HAHA! (I am joking so do not take anything I say seriously unless it is a compliment) I appreciate you giving me the scoop, the info, the lowdown, and the skinny. I just dagged the VIDEO_TS folder into IMGburn and IMGburn just assumes you wanna make a Video Disk, so it sets everything up. Even tells you where the best layer brak will be! That's rather cool. So, Now I know what to do with DVD Shrink: And that is, to Shrink, perchance to dream, but not to make full sized copies. Well, this is a relief and an answer to something that's been bothering me for a long time. So now I know, and I appreciate the rapid and direct response I got in here. Now I know how to do it, and it is all good. Have a nice day and a merry X-Mas if I do not come in here in the next few weeks. Once again, many tanx! PS! ps ps PS! That is a VERY GOOD set of instructions you wrote there, very clear. It makes it very easy to deal with. I have only been burning on DL disks for the last few months, and I had felt that I was getting the layer break wrong, plus, that error message. So now I got a good picture of what is happening thanx to you. My advice to myself after this is that I better dang read these little things you guys spend a lot of time whipping up. I have learned a lot today just by browsing around these forums, and I am not ashamed to say I do not know as much as I thought I did about backing up my property. So, thanx again and to LuK many thanx for creating this incredible software, you are like my Idol.
  4. Yah, b-b-butt: D'oh I think I am seeing the answer for me own kwestion heah: -Tha's a damn good idea cornholio, thanx... Would PowerISO work? I got that already installed and I can mount any image it supports, which is like every image include DAA images. Cool, yah. But that if I just did this? Hm... I did not notice that. I have always made images with that box CHECKED - I neglected to uncheck it for DL images. Uncheck it for DL images? Like dis: In other words, do a BUILD with IMGBURN right? Well I still got the VOB files... I can do one of two things: I could RE-Shrink (Although I am not really shrinking it) in DVD Shrink WITH the layer break, and see how that works: OR I can use IMG burn to AUTHOR! AUTHOR! A new DVD using the new Authoring function of IMGburn. Thanx mon, you have not give me one solutution, but several! Many M1 Tanx! "Gonna roll over the red army!" -Bradley Denton, "Wrack and Roll" c1986
  5. LuK I noticed that both DVD Decrypter AND IMGburn automatically re-select the MDS file even if you choose the MDF file. But am I correct in that only IMGburn will burn any images that have more than one track? I shoved an MDS file into DVD Decrypter and it said: Whereas, the same MDS file loaded up the MDF file that went along with it, in IMGburn and I was able to burn it. I don;t know why the disk would have more than one track, it was something real basic. Someone maybe added a file to the disk, and it added a track with the file. What program would do that...? PowerISO? I don't think PowerISO would do dat- Cos it re-creates the entire ISO/DAA image. Hey, Psst: Is there any code thing I can do to make DVD Decrypter burn disk images that have more than one track, like hidden tracks? Or, never mind. (I just like Decrypter, but I'll have to grow up someday and start using IMGBurn more exclusively) To Allesandro: Do a Google search for A-Ray Scanner. Also do a search for Alcohol 120% The two go together, see? LuK: You Rool!
  6. Wow, this was so long ago when I posted this... Thanx for all the "Chimes" from you folks, lots of good info from you and I appreciate it. I have veered away from the AOPEN burners, although I have one right here in this machine, an old DUW1608/ARR - I got rid of my DUW1616s cos they developed a real problem regarding the ability to eject DVDs of CD's. Spinningwheel: That makes a lot of sense, about changing Book type: Is this a Per-Use setting? Meaning do I need to set the booktype every time I burn? Or once I set it, and I am burning a certain type of DVD... Will it stay set to that booktype? And yes I always set it to DVD-ROM. I was told that much buy someone I actually do not trust, but it seems he gave me factual, er, facts (He he). Now I did not know that about -Rs - And of course, I never use -R disks at all. I never have used -R's. The MSI Generic burner I told you about, I gave that to a client about a year ago. I was never able to set the booktype, at least not with DVD Decrypter - Maybe I will be able to do it with IMGburn 2.1.x.x. Shamus: Heh, you know how long I been using DVD-De-IMGBurn? Never noticed that. I checked it out right now, found an update for my Lite-On SHW-160P6S. Gonna check the AOPEN drive too. Pretty slick. I got rid of my 1616's but I resurrected the 1608 from the "bad hardware pile" cos I just needed some DVD drive cos I made this system here, found a Good Box at PC Club and an MSI K8T800 - Cost 80 bucks total, box and board, it is a great board: Too bad they did not developer socket 754's longer, I like them. I already had a Sempron processor, and I found 2 160 GBs for about 59 each, made an array out of them. So I was strapped and I stuck the AOPEN back into the works. I've been using it, previously, it was crashing and burning expensive coasters. Now it is cranking out Data and Video backups at least 80 GB a day or so. I even swapped out the Sempron and shoved a Venice 3000+ into it and I screwed large fans onto any surface that had anything that even looked like a heat-sink. So now my CPU temp is about C, core temp is C. I bought two of those Lite-On's for 30 bucks apiece from a great place I found, lowest prices in San Diego and not junk product. Finally I have an LG DVD-RAM and I did not understand the difference between a DVD-RAM and ROM- But it will burn DVD-ROM, so futt the whuck? It works, and good too. The latest DVD-RAM I got was a Sony DVD-RAM I got from New-Egg, that one was 40 bucks, I am not sure how good it is, but it was for a client, they were all out of the Lite-On I am actually rather quite impressed with the quality of these units, even the ones that I have had problems with. It seems, the hardware goes hand in hand with the quality of the software, and IMGburn is among the tops- With Noxio or Rero, you have complicated installs that require one or more reboots. Actually I prefer Nero to Oxrio, but Roxio does have a decent label maker. It seems the more complex the Burning software, the more coasters that are made. I used to use Padus DiskJuggler... It had one redeeming feature: It allowed you to burn "Across a network" Ah. Well, I'm ranting again, I apologise. Many thanx for all of your input on this, I finally was able to get back here and read it all. Ok, well I am off to use that cool feature in the drop-down box in IMGburn. Thanx a lot, I get it better now.
  7. I have seen this error so many times I cannot count - I may as well ask, is this something to worry about or can I just ignore it, or, is there an easy fix for it? I get this error when I use DVD-Shrink to create a full-sized image. My version of Shrink is and it says "English Version" - It is not the "New Version" with the patch that is supposed to call up IMGBURN rather than DVD Decrypter for burning. That version is neutered - Is has all of the decryption gear cut out of it like a cat that has been... De... Clawed. There is also another version of Shrink floating around that is not supposed to have the neutering in effect, but I tried that one and it always fails, crashes: Because of a DEP error (Data Execution Prevention) that I cannot call up an exclusion for. However, this is not about Shrink - What I want to know, is how serious is this error? I have burned several DVDs where this error has popped up like a weasel- The APPEAR to run properly in my DVD player, but there is a noticeable gap during the layer break. The image kind of stops and jerks for a second. I really do prefer the original DVD Shrink to the versions that have been altered. So, my question is: Is the use of the unaltered Shrink fouling me up? So I actually need to be using the version of Shrink that has been chopped up and has had it's heart and liver removed? Or, is there a way I can take these ISO files and process them so that the error goes away? Is there an easy way to deal with it? Or, best yet: has this topic been discussed elsewhere, where I can read the discussion and see what people have done about it? OK, whoever can answer this, TIA. BTW, Hi BluTach, I promise to behave in here.
  8. This post by Malphas is kind of what I was suggesting. I would support any program LuK makes for straight disk COPY. You see, my goal with any computer system I make is to have it as multifunctional as possible without over bloating it with inflated BLOAT-ware. I refuse to install crap like MucousMatch PyukeBox, Roxio "Easy CD Creator" - At least the excess functions of CD Creator, cos sometimes I need to use the Creator Classic... What else? It is the style I guess, as computers get "bigger and faster" or rather "Smaller and faster" the software companies make programs that "Do Everything"- For sure a commendable action, BUT, one that causes the programs, which were once of reasonable size, to become BLOATED and unstable. I have figured out a stripped down install of Roxio 6 and the updates for Creator that work pretty much with every computer and every burner I have installed it on. I have run the gamut of Burning apps and rippers: What is not a virus or parasite-ware, installs tendrils into all systems of the computer, infecting the registry and eventually corrupting the entire OS, which is NOT hard to do with Windows XP. And when asked, well WHY use XP, unfortunately, the programs I install for people are not available for Linux. M$ has us over a barrel with that "Genuine Check" CRAP which will eventually prevent ANY program from being installed UNLESS the copy of Windows passes WGA. (They keep changing that WGA poop every couple of months... So far, I have been able to keep ahead of it- But they are being rather a pain in the ARSE about it). But what I want in a BURNING program is more like an "All In One" deal, that is NOT a huge space-gobbler. This is why I LOVE my DVD-Shrink/DVD-Decrypter/ImgBurn combo: ALL THREE programs are highly functional, and all three only use up about 10 MB overall as far as program data is concerned. See, I NEED my SPACE. Ergo, I refuse to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 and all the DRMmed to death additions. I also refuse to install any extra Java packages, I use the one that came with XP Pro SP 1. Usually, the kind of machines I make are 32-bit K7's when I can find them, cos I have not stepped off the 64 bit precipice yet. So, I'll make a system based on a 1.5 gig to 2 gig Athlon/Sempron, 160 GB Hard drive, MSI or other Via chip-set MB, not because they are really that good, but because of ease of installing the motherboard drivers. 256 to 1 Gig of Ram, at least 333 MHz. I refuse to make Celerons, but if I can get a P-IV I will use it. But I never make a system for someone using a Celeron... Or Durons, either. Now on such a machine, the requests I get is that they wanna copy DVD's maybe even make their own DVDs so then I install Pinnacle or Sony DVD Architect - These I do not use to BURN any DVDs that are made, I set it up so that they make ISO images and then IMGBURN Burns the images. So, a machine like that, If it is left off-line, I can make it functional by just installing Nero, DVD-Shrink, DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn, Alcohol 120. Nero gives us DVD and CD authoring capability, DVD-Shrink used with Region-Free lets us apply our G-d and State given right to COPY the DVD's we buy, Imgburn allows us to burn the image files we make. So, maybe if we had a program LIKE ImgBurn but had the capability to make images as well as burn... We can drop one or two of the burning apps we have installed. If LuK were to make a suite of programs: DVD Authors, CD Authors, Image makers, Audio CD image creators (WITH CD-TEXT capability)... Even a Label creator... I know I would support such programs by BUYING them and many other people too. But for now, I would just ask that Luk considers, maybe a modification for DVD Decrypter that would allow us to copy Cd's as well as DVD's - I have used DVD Decrypter to copy DATA DVDs - Any way of slipping us a code under the table so to speak, to allow CD imaging? Well, I apologise for the lengthy post, but maybe someone can help me modify these suggestions to fit what LuK is ALLOWED to do, And... Regarding DVD Decrypter... Macro-vision is trying to claim that they have OWNERSHIP of the program. Well, I seem to remember that LuK has made the CODE for this program available from the start... So, Macro-vision can suck eggs, cos the program is in Public Domain! I mean, is there someplace where the Public Domain "Owners" of DVD Decrypter can have a cuppa coffee and talk about this?
  9. I know that you want ImgBurn to remain a burning program only... And DVD Decrypter only makes images of actual DVD's, not Cd's I like the functions of ImgBurn especially the queuing options... How possible would it be to make a CD copy program, similar to the old CDR-WIN that we can use to simply use to make massive copies of Cd's- Data, Svcd's Audio. We would not have to "decrypt" anything, just make a direct digital copy. Right now I use Alcohol 120, but that program installs drivers that cause an In-Place Install of XP to Fail. I dunno, I still use DVD Decrypter and I love Imgburn, both programs burn MUCH better than Nero, Roxio, or Alcohol, and I have never had the programs REJECT any of my DVD or CD units. I used to see you post over at Afterdawn and elsewhere, so I know you peep in here on occasion. Any chance for something like a regular CD-copying front end, something that makes either ISO images or Bin-Cue images. If you can, that would be swell, but I will never ever stop using DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn. I'll never stop giving DVD Decrypter to people who want it, as long as it continues to work. I am wondering just as an aside, which was do you think it will tumble with the HD DVD's - Do you prefer Sony Blue Disk or the inferior but more popular X-Box thing? I would prefer any High D DVD trhat held 50 GB of Data over one that holds only 30 GB. a 50 GB DL HD-DVD would be a great thing for me, as I am constantly creating gigantic DATA files and backing them up, and even when I use DL DVD's I have to split the archive images.
  10. Judging from this: AMD Athlon 1200 Asustek A7V133 (VIA KT133A chipset) 512MB PC-133 RAM Primary channel : master-IBM 30GB 7200RPM HD, slave, WD 60GB 7200RPM HD Secondary channel : master-BenQ DW-1640 writer (BSLB RPC1 firmware), Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM (can't remember the exact model) WinXP SP2 The only problem I see in there, is SP2- Take it out! If anyone were to make a list of stuff that needs to be immediately disabled after upgrading to SP2, large books will be made! So, I avoid it when at all possible. Krikes! You ought not to have to do all that! Also, there should be a newer Via 4-in 1... But go to the Asus site, and get theirs! But your system is the same as the one I do most of my heavy burning on, except yours 200 MHz faster. Are you sure you are making coasters? Check your IDE cables, get new ones if you have to. NO burn is ever a perfect, 100% exact copy of the original, even in the process of making the image, a few bits are dropped here and there. Another thing to think about is... That Pioneer DVD reader. I'm not familiar with BenQ? But Pioneer, I forget what they really are underneath the logo, but they are a pretty cheap brand. Sometimes, you just have to replace your equipment. Just some alternate stuff to think about, but I have this thing in my gut that you oughtta test that Pioneer unit, make sure it is being read right. Are both of those Units UDMA 33? Cos newer drives run at UDMA 66- Mine does...
  11. #39;( I need to know just what, when, where and Why about "Book Type" - When to worry about it, when not to, and how to set it properly. DVx-Xxxxxxxxx and ImgBurn had a way to select Book Type, and the burning interface has these selections: Ok, now this is not really a new question, but is there a site that lists which setting we should use for various makes of Burners? I tried http://cdrinfo.com and got lost, if there is a specific page, it is difficult to find. I was able to find out that my Aopen DUW/1616 is actually some kind of Ricoh burner, and I was able to assign the appropriate book type in ImgBurn, the same as I was able to do it for DvX-Xxxxxxxx. So, the question is, is there some utility or site that lists the makes of the most popular (and even unpopular) burners and tells us how to assign booktype using ImgBurn? Here are the units I have right now: Sony DRU-500AX, SL burning only, does not read DL Burned disks Aopen DUW/1616 - Can burn DL at 4x but I do not often do that And I used to have an MSI DVD?RW SL burner that was 4x - and 8x +, and the only information it told the system was that it was "a generic burner" - I just need to know in case I come across any Generic Burners. again: I had bought it at PC Club for 40 bucks, that was about 2 years ago, right before DL burners took off. So, that is the question really, when I have a unit and it says "Generic" what book type do I use? The other question is, do I even need to be worrying about Book Type, a few of my friends are adamant about Yes, you have to set it, others say, do not worry about it. So, which? And, what what. Whatever anyone can tell me about this: Cos it has been bugging me for about a year now, and I want to find out once and for all.
  12. Yah, I saw that queing system, and I am drooling over that. I think it will help me quote a bit. Thanx for answering me direct, and I apologize again for earlier confusion, I will confine my rants to the chat area. Gah: I am SO stupid, I was expecting to find tomes of instructions, but I came across this: 1. Insert Disc in Burner. 2. Select Image to burn. 3. Click 'Write' button. Gah. Ok so there are no tricks then, it just straight out does everything automatically. You know what I meant about "No Front End" I meant all the DVX-Xxxxxxxx stuff has been removed. That's the only complaint I really have (I mean in the world, so I had to rant about it, I'm sure you have probably seen my rants at Afterdawn, I was not intending to bother anyone here though) It worked pertty good. The Discovery thing just told me what kind of media I had put in. So, I got DVX-Xxxxxxxx and ImgBurn and they do not cancell each other out, which what the original guy was asking. The disk I just made is "Like Buttah" Ok, well thanx, it IS as easy as all that. I just have one other thing I wanna ask about: I'll do that in nother thread
  13. weAponX


    I love Firefox, unfortunately, none of my programs that update specifically through java using IE do not work. For instance, my McAfee, it requires a couple of controls to be downloaded to be able to do the initial update after installation, and th get subsequent updates. Have they fixed that problem? Normally I like to use Firefox, but I found a simpler problem to the inherent fact that if you use IE you will get flooded with popups and other invasions: The Google Toolbar. It actually allows you to control IE when you virtually need to let it run an applet or a downloaded control. I tested it by going to websites that I know to instantly install new.net or something on your pc, and I was unaffected. Last year I installed Firefox for a bunch of my clients when they complained of popups. When I went back a month later and saw that they weer not using it anymore, and had gotten re-infected, their excuse was always that "Firefox takes too long to load" I never noticed that on my machine, but I guess on an Emachines Celeron, it is slow. Is there any way around that, ot is it just all the protection built in to FF kicking in?
  14. weAponX

    DVD IFO Editing

    Are you sating the screen resulution changes between 16:9 and 4:3? What a mess. If the main portion of it is 16:9 then I would say just get rid of the whole 4:3 mess. You can use VOB edit and IFO edit to fix it up. Actually, you can use IFOedit to generate new IFO and BUP files, if you just put the VOB files into a folder and run IFOedit. I have done this a few times when I used to have to split DVD's in half, and it worked well. Doa google for IFO edit- There ought to be documentation on the site that tells you how to make new IFO's- Look for the are that talks about splitting a DL DVD into 2 single layer DVD's- Now there are programs that do this automatically, but it used to be that you had to do it manually, using the first DVD Decrypter to get the VOB files and then VOB EDIT to cut it in half, and then IFO edit was used to re-reacte the set up BUP and IFO files. When I get a second I'll try to find a link (if it is still there) (edit) Er, here is the link for that... look through the site, there may be a solutuon for your specific thing http://ifoedit.wh.fr0zen.com/splitdvd.html
  15. Ok well I see I went way beyond "if DVD decrypter will co-exist with ImgBurn" I apologise for posting past my bedtime last night... I had just downloaded and installed ImgBurn and I was just trying to figure out in what ways it was different than DVD Decrypter. So, after I went to bed I said sheesh why did I post THAT? It was kind of like a stream of consciosness that erupted, so, I apologise for posting it, it came out all the wrong way. Well I was not gonna get up and change it when I was nodding off peesh? As for what I do, I do mega burning of images, and it is my business, and it is legit as far as I know. So, this is my problem, last 4 or 5 times I burned a Dual Layer Image, if Data it was OK but any Media seems to get stuck at the Layer Break, and I usually only burn with DVD Decrypter, as I discovered long ago that it burns everything, so I no longer need my CDR-WIN or my Fireburner programs and the inherent hassles of installing and running those programs. You get me? Here I am satisfied with DVD Decrypter for my needs, and I was a free program, and then suddenly I am told that it is illegal and now I have to get ImgBurn. (I think that is where the tangent came for... It burns me up, I don't think anyone has the right to tell me what software I can or can't use) Ok which leads me to where I am now: I got ImgBurn, and I found out last night that it has NO front end, it is just an Image burner. Fine, I'll deal with Image creation later... I read some of the documentation, and I don't quite get how to ensure a good DL Burn. This is what I did: I put the media in the drive first, and I ran Discovery on "All Sectors" and some figures were shown in the Sectors and MB boxes... So then, I changed to write mode and burned the image, and I told the program to verify the image. And the program is telling me that it was successful. So, I don't know if I did it correctly, I haven't tested the DVD's integrity yet, won't have time uintil later. Time is the whole point, I don't have time to do a bunch of media prep for every disk I am gonna burn when I have to burn maybe 50 copies of the same disk- But I do not want to hand out bad disks right? So did I do it right in the first place, and when it comes to multiple burns, what do I do to make sure that they will all burn the same way? If anyone can put the process in simple steps so I can see if I got the right idea, that's what I'm looking for, and I apologise for the earlier confusion. In the meantime I'll go look through the documentation again. Sorry and Thanx
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