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  1. I also did a donation, but never I had a response . I suppose he receives a lot of them and if he answers to all of us then we will not have ImgBurn . An automatic response from PayPal could be a good idea to know you've got it. Regards.
  2. Thank you Lighting_UK. I've just installed, and it seems to work fine . Futhermore, I like the idea of split prompts in other tab . Regards.
  3. It's a good idea too. Both ways. I'll wait to next release to see where you place that setting.
  4. Could be. English is not my mother tongue and sometimes I can repeat things trying to let them very clear to myself. With the little note that you suggest, I think people will not complain about there's a bug in the GUI . Woww, my 2 cents to such wonderful app .
  5. Yes. Even the message could be: "Note: The GUI settings will not be changed. Correct settings will be used on the fly" or similar message. I think you should add a note like that because there will be more than one that is going to tell you that there is a bug in the GUI .
  6. It's similar to my question about DVD-Video files. Maybe it could be a good idea to add a note or message in the window that warns you about the proper filesystem to use. A message like "Correct settings will be changed or used on the fly or burning". What do you think?.
  7. Sorry Lightning UK! . I thought it was a bug and not a feature .
  8. tom942

    AD-5200 & AD-7200

    Eventually, I've got the new drive. It seems to work properly, mainly with SL DVD's, which is the main reason I wanted it for. Thank you for your advices .
  9. I'm sorry Lightning UK & mmalves. I got into a muddle with all the padding subject today and at the end, I even didn
  10. Thanks mmvalves . Yes, the 5th is the original one . I burn the DVD's with seamless checked, so the pause it is not a problem. It was more a question about why it was recommended 50/50 although you have a huge amount of padding instead 51/49 with a little. In other threads I read that the drive has to burn to equal the data on both layers to be with in the spec and that's the reason, for instance, why a disc takes longer to synchro and finalise if it is 70/30 instead if it is 50/50 disc. Is this right or did I undestand it wrongly?. Then I thought, if it has to burn the same amount of data on both layers, which is the difference between let ImgBurn add padding or do it the drive itself, if at the end, you'll get a 50/50 burn?. Regards .
  11. Thank you mmalves . So in summary, The good way is try to burn 50/50 always except when the padding is huge (for instance, hundreds of MB only of padding). This doubt came up with a DVD that I was backing up. In the "Create Layer Break Window", it says: Then I was in doubt of use the second or the third option. Viewing that the padding is huge with the second one (50/50), a good one could be the third option , couldn
  12. Hello, I've been reading all the threads that I could find about padding. I was looking for why is better to choose 50/50 with a huge amount of padding instead of 51/49 with a little one. I read through several threads that 50/50 with the least padding is recommended (as I always try to do because I always burn seamless). Through the threads I found, I read that it is a recommendation from MCC (Mitsubishi Chemicals?) to burn equal data on both layers. That's the reason to choose 50/50, am I wrong?. But also I read that if you choose 51/49, the drive will fill with zeros a layer (the second one I guess?) to equal the amount of data on both, and that is the reason that if you select 70/30 it takes a long time to synchronise and close. So, what is the difference between select a layer break with a huge amount of padding or allow that the drive does the padding itself if after all the data that it will burn is the same?. Or do they both work in different ways?. I've seen that if I use padding and it fills for instance 300 MB, the filesystem will take this amount of "data" into account, I mean real data is 5600 MB and with padding 5900 MB. If it is the drive what does the padding, will happen the same thing?.
  13. tom942

    AD-5200 & AD-7200

    Thanks for your answer LOCOENG . I found AD-7203A (beige) at the same price than AD-5200A (black), so I have asked for it. I hope next week to have it, and finally have one of the famous 7200/7203 series . Regards .
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