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  1. thanks LUK,

    It's looking to be an inconsistentcy between blanks issue, after reburning another

    at 12x w/ImgBurn and scanning I got an acceptable burn. Unless there is something

    to the notion that burners learn to burn? These were the first burns at 12x w/ this burner.

    Pardon my ignorance, I came here to learn.


    Might crosscheck with my LG4136B next, my other top burner.

  2. I was doing some testing of Imgburn with some Sony/MIJ/Yud T02's and my new NEC 3550A.

    I first overspeeded a burn at 16x, then changed write speed to 12x and burned another disk,

    my cdspeed scans with my Benq 1620 were disappointing, this media has tested the best at 8x

    burn speed, consistent 97-99QS. I repeated at 12x, same result. My only clues are burn times being too

    low for the indicated speed. 7:04 @12x 4400MB iso


    The three disks hit the garbage


    QS 30-64 rogue spikes


    baseline 8xburn attached

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