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  1. I think I might understand your meaning. A tool to create an ISO image from ANY video file on your hard drive as well as burn that created image to disc. Is this what you mean? I have an image burning/creating program (OEM) that can do this but I now prefer Image Burn for burning to disc. My images are now created by DVD RB Pro, not the OEM software mentioned, and stored on my HDD for viewing/burning at a convenient time. For obvious reasons this forum will not support illegal copying of commercial DVDs or the programs that are used to do this. If that is what you want, try Google search. Good luck, hombre.
  2. There is another way, as described in one of my earlier posts, turn INcd off via Windows task manager, I tried it today, too and it worked flawlessly. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and helpfull hints. You are all greatly appreciated. Grumpy
  3. Not an option with InCD. You must press "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" to call up Windows Task Manager and go into the "Process" tab, find Incd.exe, highlight it then left click the "End Process" radio button, OK any warning windows that will pop up. Then close the WTM window. InCD can be reinitiated from the start menu or destop shortcut, if you have one. Thanks for the reply, Grumpy
  4. Much thanks for the quick reply. Honestly if you dont know what's causing it, I'll never find out. #39;( #39;( Oh, well. I'll try some things and see, if something works will reply back. Just thinking, maybe if I shut down InCD in Windows Task Manager/Processes, that might do it. Just something I remember from a long time ago. Still, it works better than Nero Express for burning Disk Images. Thanks, Amigo.
  5. This is really not a severe problem, just an annoyance. ImgBurn is working great and no major problems with anything. I have my I/O setting as SPTI-Microsoft, with everything else at default. several images burned and all with excellent results. The problem is my CD/DVD burner is set up for InCD packet writing software so when I finish my burn and reload my CD-RW for InCD it wont reinitialise. I then have to reboot in order for InCD to work. Please remember, I'm just a neophyte and my knowledge of computers is extremely limited. Any viable suggestions?
  6. Welcome back. :w00tdance: I've tried ImgBurn already and, of course, very nice. Thanks for everything in the past and in the future, Grumpy
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