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  1. ok you were right and I was wrong... i removed a couple of cells and exported and burned and it burned successfully... That original sector count is an insane coincidence.
  2. You need to "change" the source so it's something else than 1,924,368 sectors. Shrinking it or adding another VTS will give you another number. It's just certain "lucky" numbers that errors out. I doubt it's fixed in SB04. Lite-On hasn't been able to fix it even for their latest burner models. Running it through DVD Shrink and not changing the compression in full mode - will just give you a 1:1 copy with the same sector number. When the error happens in the final burning stage - I think it also skips the book type setting command - If I remember it right. I guess that's why the Mac will not read the disc. Edit: Yes - the book type function is never triggered after such an error. That exaplins it. Ok I'm having trouble with DVD Shrink in Windows 7 RC, so I'm going to run it thru DVDReMake an remove a couple unneeded frames and export. That should do it, right?
  3. I did read it the first post and saw that it was not a software problem but it just doesn't make sense to me. The problem is, the resulting disc is not being read by my iMac computer, which cannot read DVD+R discs. With every other DVD I've buirned (assuming it was over 4gb), it's never errored out and always set the bitsetting properly. When I put this (under 4gb) disc into my iMac, it can't even detect it, I assume because, either it's not finalized properly or it's not set to DVD-ROM (which has worked fine with every other 4gb+ disc). And no, I haven't tried the SB04 firmware, is the problem fixed in that version? I also haven't tried a lens cleaning disc because I don't see how it could be a dirty lens if I can burn 100 dvd's OVER 4gb's without error, then get the error on a less than 4gb disc, then burn several other 4gb+ dvds right after without error again. interesting... I'm going to try that. why does that work. (From my perspective) it seems like it doesn't burn DVDs that are under 4gb properly. So how does shrinking it a bit more fix the problem? I ran the DVD through DVD Shrink, but with no compression and it didn't fix the problem. Also, when you say shrink it by 0.01%, do you mean shrink all parts of the movie by 0.01% or just shrink any part (like the extras) by that percentage? I ended up setting the following in ImgBurn: [off] DVD+R Finalise Disc (Minimal Radius) [off] Finalise Disc - Auto Retry [on] Finalise Disc - Ignore Errors I just burned another copy with those options and it still gave the error and still but my iMac was able to read it fine.
  4. just started getting this error I'm burning a 3.67gb Video DVD, and I've never had an issue until today, with these specific dvd files. This seems to be the case for me because I've been using the same DVD burner (Samsung SH-S203B) and same DVD media (Verbatim DVD+R) and the same software (ImgBurn v2.5.0.0) successfully for several different burns and I've made 4 coasters trying this one dvd :(
  5. Ok this is the first time I've seen this error before and I find your post interesting because it's only been happening to me with a 3.67gb DVD Video. Don't know why it's happening but I've already made 4 coasters Any help? Has this been solved yet? I'm using ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 with a Samsung SH-S203B burner and Verbatim DVD+R's (although it's been said that media type/quality is unrelated) EDIT: See my post here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...st&p=100994
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