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    Laptop or Desktop

    one is internal and one is external... if you have a desktop, go with the LG, light-scribe is pretty neat too, plus it's SATA, which means faster speeds... only go with the external if you're putting it on a laptop.
  2. donmarko! Did you solve this problem? I also often catch it
  3. I got an USB and that infected virus that I never seen! I plug it in mycomputer and it's infected. Bitdefender in my machine can't detect this virus. When I upload files to host from the infected machine, the host is hacked. It is inserted dangerous code that link to a virus website from chinese, to the index.html, index.php files. When I Format Usb (from MS DOS), the Usb is not cleaned. I really don't know what kind of it? And which tools to clean it from my computer, my usb and my host? Thank for your help! Note: I also post on avast but no solution: http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=48291.0
  4. What number on imgburn would be for medium burn speed? Max speed does not work well with my DVD's. Which speed should I use?
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