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  1. It would be nice if you could specify verify in the ibq file. My reasoning for this is that we are now burning update disks for our clients every month, and at the same time we burn backups copies for our archives (Not totally necessary, but falls in the can't hurt department) They are burnt alternating (Client/Backup/Client/Backup...) and in order to speed up the process slightly it would be nice if the backup copies didn't get verified (we can rebuild any of them if we had too) but I want to leave the verify enabled for the client copies. There are two ways this could be handled, the easiest (from my point of view) is an additional flag at the end of the line in the IBQ file, a second but not as definite method would be to be able to set a "Force Verify" option for different media id's the same way a speed can be set (thank you for that option by the way, my suggestion and the quick response to it was a part of the reason we donated) Some would say just burn all the clients copies first then the turn off verify and burn all the backup copies, but the backup copies are also a bit of an audit process, if we have X backup copies to file, we know that X client copies were burned (they may not get sent out (it's happened) but they did get burned.) -- Oops, just saw I asked for this same thing (verify in IBQ) back in 2006 and was rebuffed, so expect no change now, oh well.
  2. XrX ca

    Google Ads

    No argument there, but why confuse the issue, the banner add on the download page has a huge 'Download Here' button, hey it almost got me to the other site and I'd like to think I'm somewhat computer savy.... I do realize ads pay the bills. I have no idea what the current rates are like, ad revenue in the late 90's contributed a good chunk to the downpayment on my house, but even back then I had the ability to opt out of certain ads (Of course I had to see the ad before I knew it was in the rotation...)
  3. Personally if I'm doing a lot of encoding on a machine I prefer to have more than one hard drive, then encode from one drive to the other, putting together a new machine I'd put in three drives, one for the OS and normal documents and two for working...
  4. XrX ca

    Google Ads

    I was setting up a new system today and popped into the imgburn site to grab the program and if I hadn't been here before I probably would have ended up on a competitors site because the most prominent download button on the page was in a not necessarily obvious Google Ad for NCH software... and that's a bad thing... I'd think there should be some way to exclude certain ads or ad categories, I'd be checking my agreement with google, you really shouldn' be forced to advertise for you competitors.
  5. Please Please DON'T give in to the eye candy requests. I hate programs that figure they know better than I do what i want my desktop to look like, I have three of four of these ugly things that totally ignore the 'standard' windows interface rules and as a result are a pain to use, and look horrid to boot. The program should accept windows 'themes' but other than that don't mess up a good thing. (Microsoft is and always has been one of the worst offenders for ignoring their own guidelines.) An besides Eye Candy = Bloat and one of the best things about ImgBurn is the lack of bloat.
  6. Not sure this is a bug or just a complaint on my part... I can't seem to find any setting to allow me to save the position of the queue window I was sure it saved it before (but I may be confused), now it always opens about 80 pixels higher than the main window centered over the main window. I've looked through all the settings tabs and don't see a setting to save the window positions, I've tried turning on and off the always on top for the queue window, closing the windows in different orders and it always comes back in the same position (even off the top of current screen if the main window is at the top of that screen) This may have something to do with my 4 monitor setup (I figure the negative position may have been saved at some point when I had the queue window at the top of one of the monitors that has a negative Y origin, although I don't see any settings for the queue window in the registry other than stay on top) It would be nice if the queue could snap to the main window like the log window does.
  7. OK so maybe I'm missing something, but is there a cmd line option to show the queue on startup when loading an IBQ file. And along the same lines is there any way to get the program to not hide the Queue window when waiting for media? Just a minor annoyance, but I get (easily) confused when I'm burning a batch of prelabeled multiple copy backup disks and arrive at the machine when all the trays are out, and seeing the queue would be easier than examining the write surface of the disk in the drive to see if it has been written, or if I forgot to push the tray in when I dropping that disk in... And I apologize for putting this post in this category, I thought I was in Support (that was the other tab)
  8. This would be a pretty major deal, where does the image line up on this printer, does this printer support color, and what about those with (I can't remember the name at the moment, but those silly drives that burn the image onto the back of the cd), about the only way I can see this one making sense if it was an option added to run another program passing the iso image name either before or after the burn, then you could parse the name and pass it on to your own printing app. (I can see a few other uses for that kind of an addition.)
  9. It could be useful, right now if i'm burning a disc that targets unix I use mkisofs to build the iso so I get RR support, then burn using ImgBurn
  10. OK, I know this has been brought up before, but I'm starting to use ImgBurn in a portable fashion (off a USB stick) and it works quite well, and once the settings are set correctly in the INI file it leaves very little footprint on the host machine. HOWEVER, even with all the REGISTRY_* options in the INI file turned off I still get the following keys showing up in the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ImgBurn.AutoPlay.1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ImgBurn.Build.1 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ImgBurn.Write.1 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ImgBURN HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\ImgBurn.AutoPlay.1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\ImgBurn.Build.1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\ImgBurn.Write.1 This isn't really an issue for any of my machines, but when I'm doing something at a friends (the dumbs ones, because the smart ones would already have imgburn on their system) I like to leave the system "as i found it" which means no extraneous keys... I've written a wrapper to save the current keys if they're there, and either remove them or restore them when ImgBurn exits, but it would be nice if there was a cmd line option to keep it from writing anything to the registry.
  11. Doh!, I missed that. I was concentrating on part Numbers etc. And that's much easier to read than the black on blue number I was talking about and far easier to remember. So here's a dumb question, (prompted by the 'Fabrique a Taiwan' on the label I'm looking at), do sony dvd's in the US have French labeling on them like in Canada or is this just another stupid example of the extra expense forced on Mfgrs by our official languages act?
  12. Precisely what I had in mind, I wouldn't want a prebuilt database as spinningwheel mentioned as I've had media that other people swear by fail miserably in my drives.
  13. OK, here's an odd suggestion, for well over a year now I've been using Sony DVD+R's without a problem, they've had a Disk IDs of YUDEN000 something, and I think I've had one coaster. Running backups this month I had 3 disks in a row fail with "No Seek Complete" errors, it turns out the latest spindle of Sony DVD have a different manufacturer, and have a disk ID of SONY-D21-00. I tried a different spindle and they are the YUDEN disks and work fine. If I fix the speed at lower value the SONY-D21-00 seem to be fine and verify correctly even in a different drive. So here is the suggestion, would it be possible to have a table somewhere that I could specify that if the disc id of the blank I'm writing is XXXXX* to use a max speed of X. Or perhaps the opposite, as in this disk ID is a known good variety so use the best possible speed. I know, I know, buy good disks, until now I've had phenominal results with the Sony's, but they were YUDEN disks, I've put the package labels side by side, but other than an almost unreadable number beside the UPC code there is no difference on the labels, and other than the etched? number on the center hub which is not visible in the sealed package there is no visible difference between the disc themselves. So what's a poor defenseless consumer to do? I've returned two unopened packages with the same number by the UPC code as the bad one, and I guess I'm going to Verbatim for all my disks, but untill I've used these up I've got to remember to drop the speed when using them.
  14. Does ImgBurn support burning the same image to multiple drives concurrently? I'm thinking of picking up a second burner as most of the burning I do is backups that HAVE to have 2 copies (one stored on site and one off site) And if it does what kind of limitations are there as far as IDE channels? Do both drives need to be Master on their own channel, can one be a master on one channel and the other a slave on another channel, can they share a channel as Master/Slave. etc. etc.
  15. Ah yes, the joys of event driven code, half the events seem to end up with conditional code. ( If User = Idiot Then Exit; ) Sorry, I tend to notice the quirks as I have to deal with them myself. I'm sure I've spent more time on the interface in my current project than the actual guts of the thing.
  16. Don't blame you for being offended, what a stupid thing to ask!! Offended makes sense, however these days it is far from a stupid question, there are enough... how shall I put this... Total loser :swear: wannabe 's out there creating pointless, useless garbage programs loaded with spyware etc. that one has to be carefull. Unfortunately this occasionally includes supposedly reputable companies . The softpedia award image is on the home page, however I've seen at least one program with that on their page that when clicked on took you to a lookalike site that tried to install spyware. Reported them to softpedia and they seem to be gone now, but one never knows do one. Of course without all that spyware, where would the techs be getting the beer money they get now for charging to clean off user* systems. * user (noun) usually offensive : a person affected with idiocy, often used as an explicative after hanging up the phone. Or reading a post...
  17. All right, that works, however it is anything but intuative. Pretty much every other program I use be it Windows, *nix or Mac when you have a number of items selected, and change an option, the change applies to all the selected items. Or if an option can not be applied to all selected, it isn't available (greyed out) I've also found that keyboard navigation in the queue window is rather bizarre, if you have an image selected in the image list and hit the down arrow it works fine, but after hitting the down arrow, if any of the dropdown boxes are enabled for the image you are now on, the focus will have changed from the list to one of those drop downs, so hitting down arrow again, changes the value of the drop down box rather than going to the next image. Of course mouse actions have their weirdness too. If you have an image highlighted, click one of the checkboxes to enable a drop down (Set Copies for Instance) then click back on the highlighted image in the list, a second later the enabled drop down gets the focus back, this will continue to happen when you click on the image in the list until you click on a different image, or control.
  18. OK, I've whined enough, this time it's positive feeback, burning backup images off a network drive last night, when the hosting machine died creatively (never a good sign when smoke comes out of a machine...*) Of course the disk being burned failed, but Imgburn still finalized it which gave me a disk that I can actually read, and access files in the portion of the image written to that point. This was a surprise as I've had read errors before with other software and they've alway just aborted without trying to close the disk, hello coaster. And in this case it's a really good thing as the backup of the configuration files off the dead machine just happened to be in the first third of the dvd in question which means I have the most current backup of those files while I'm rebuilding. So thanks for doing it right. * Everyone does know that electronic devices run on smoke don't they? Let the smoke out and they quit working....
  19. The machine I use to burn is just out of reach, I can reach the tray when it's open to swap disks or push it back in, but when it's closed I have to stand up to reach the eject button (I know, that's the epitome of laziness, but that's just how it is.) I've sorta gotten used to hitting the eject button on the main window before calling up the queue now, but it would still be nice. There is obviosly a link back to the drive in this dialog as the burn button is only enabled when a blank disk is in, but I don't know how the coding is done. In my own coding there are times I want to slap around the programmer that worked on the program before me as it make no sense in the current context (that programmer was usually me )
  20. OK, not a biggy, but it would be nice if the same L and E buttons that are in the main window were available on the Queue page.
  21. OK, figured it out, the problem wasn't that the options weren't working, but that the registry entry kept getting set back to the original value by the program so the options weren't being passed to it the next time an ibq was double clicked. Had me a tad confused (not that that's difficult to do) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ibq\Shell\Burn using ImgBurn\Command] @="\"C:\\Program Files\\ImgBurn\\ImgBurn.exe\" /MODE ISOWRITE /SOURCE \"%1\"" I was changing the command line in that entry to be /START /WAITFORMEDIA, and then the next time I went to use it wouldn't work because ImgBurn had set the value back to the default. Turned off the IBQ file association in ImgBurn and created the entry by hand and it then gets toasted when ImgBurn exits. So created my own entry by hand [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.ibq\Shell\Auto Burn Queue\Command] @="\"C:\\Program Files\\ImgBurn\\ImgBurn.exe\" /MODE ISOWRITE /SOURCE \"%1\" /START /WAITFORMEDIA" And things are happy. While automatically maintaining the registry entries isn't necessarily a bad thing, it would be nice if it would leave entries with additional options on them alone, or at least prompt before replacing an existing entry with a different value. Then at least a person would know what was going on. Oh, and while I'm whining, I'd add the ability to specify verification on an image by image basis in the queue to the wish list (Of course that would mean a change to the IBQ format so....).
  22. OK, I've gone through the nice and simple .ibq format (Saved Queue) (thanks for not using some obscure binary format, or using XML just cause it's a buzzword) And it's very usefull to be able to create my own .ibq file (now that the wierdness in the queue under 1.2 seems to be fixed (Thank You)) My only question is: Is there any way to autostart running through the queue if an ibq is on the command line? The combinations of /START /WAITFORMEDIA etc. I tried had zero success. Hey, those two clicks to get it started, are a REAL chore This is what I've determined is in the .ibq file, correct me if I'm wrong... A header line containing IBQ2 (Image Burn Queue Version 2 perhaps??) followed by a number of lines each containing Device|Speed|Copies|Delete|ImageFilename Device: Device Number (Zero Based) -1 for default. Speed: This seems to be the index number of the items in the speed drop down list, 4x is actually 4, but 56x is 17. again -1 for default Copies: Self explanitory except that 0 or -1 become 1 when the ibq is loaded (if you don't mean to burn the thing, don't put it in the file ) Delete: Delete image file when done, 1 = Yes, 0 = No ImageFilename: path to the image (now there's a real stretch ) If it doesn't exist or isn't a valid image the program complains, but still loads the rest of the list. ie: IBQ2 -1|-1|2|1|\\Xrxdata\dvdbk$\APR19_01.ISO -1|-1|2|1|\\Xrxdata\dvdbk$\APR19_02.ISO -1|-1|1|0|\\Xrxdata\dvdbk$\APR19_EMAIL.ISO Burns 2 copies of and deletes the first two images, 1 copy of the last without deleting it.
  23. If I set an image in the queue to burn multiple copies, and have delete image checked, the delete image box is checked in the burning dialog the first time the image is burned, but the image isn't deleted, then it get cleared on the second burn, so the image never gets toasted.
  24. I can't see where a simple copy function should be in any violation of Macrovision (They probably have other ideas )
  25. It would be nice if it were possible to have the success sound play if CLOSESUCCESS is set on the command line. My main data server generates a a number DVD images when a full backup is done (currently at 7) and it creates a .cmd file to burn two copies of all those images, I tend to be doing other things and forget about the disks unless the system makes a noise, I got around it for the moment by adding SNDREC32 command to my script ie: @ECHO OFF TITLE Server Backup DVD Burning Script C:\PROGRA~1\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe /MODE ISOWRITE /START /CLOSESUCCESS /WAITFORMEDIA /VERIFY YES /DELETEIMAGE NO /SRC \\DATASRV\DVD$\1.iso START /MIN SNDREC32.EXE /PLAY /CLOSE C:\PROGRA~1\ImgBurn\Sounds\Success.wav C:\PROGRA~1\ImgBurn\ImgBurn.exe /MODE ISOWRITE /START /CLOSESUCCESS /WAITFORMEDIA /VERIFY YES /DELETEIMAGE YES /SRC \\DATASRV\DVD$\1.iso START /MIN SNDREC32.EXE /PLAY /CLOSE C:\PROGRA~1\ImgBurn\Sounds\Success.wav ... DEL \\DATASRV\DVD$\Burn_Backup.cmd I would queue the files up in IMGBURN, but delete image doesn't seem to work correctly if multiple copies are set in the queue.
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