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  1. thank for the quick reply, and for the great software!
  2. just downloaded, and for some reason, the files from different mirrors are not identical. Digital Digest, Speedlabs, DVD Recordable, Free Codecs, and Softpedia are identical. Betanews and ImgBurn are different from the above and from each other. what's up? what is the most "correct" and up to date version of ??? TIA
  3. thank you for your reply, LUK. but now i'm more confused than ever. after downgrading to 2.1 (and verify works fine) i went back to 2.2 and verification woks fine! (on the same image, only one image tested). rechecked verification in v2.2 a few times and it's OK. i can't udnerstand why now it's OK and before going to 2.1 and back it wasn't. the downgrand and updagrade reset all the settings, but i went over all of them and can't think of any that might have caused that. can you say what was broken that you had fixed, and why did the 2.2 -> 2.1 -> 2.2 version changes fix it ???
  4. LUK, can you please clarify? i'm having the same problem with images created with DVD Decrypter. ImgBurn 2.1 verifies fine, 2.2 gives me a similar error. what do you mean by "Fixed" ? i redownloaded the ImgBurn 2.2 installer but it's unchanged from Feb 16 (when i got it first). will the fix only be available in 2.3 ?
  5. Hello LightningUK! no, i will not ask you when that will be! i will just pray to all the Gods above to shower you with blessings! and when i get a bit of time (and manage to remember my PayPal password) i will make a small donation too! <off topic> darn it...another forum i'll have to become a regular visitor to... </off topic> second time i post a support question, and get a very quick reply from the Master himself! i'm impressed. where do you find the time ???
  6. thank you. i will await, with great anticipation, for Unicode support.
  7. i don't know if this is a bug or what, but when building an .iso file of my data files, many of which have names in Hebrew, they come messed up. what i mean is that if i mount the .iso with Daemon Tools the names are in jibberish characters. i don't know, maybe something is wrong with some OS settings on my computer ? but making an .iso with Nero (Image Recorder) or burnatonce works fine. TIA (didn't find anything about this in a forum search. if this has been discussed, my apologies and please point me to the relevant topics)
  8. WOW! that's a Lightning fast reply! (sorry for the pun) thanks. really, with such excellent response, i need to get my act toghether and post the questions i have waiting to be asked about imgburn
  9. there are 6 mirrors on the download page. but they don't all contain the same file. these mirrors contain the same executable files: DVD-Recordable = SpeedLabs FileForums = FreeCodecs ImgBurn = SoftPedia why the difference? what is the difference? which should be used ? please unconfuse me! thanks. and thanks for the new version, of course!
  10. yeah, i did try it (right after i posted the question ) and it does work. identical MDS files. thanks for the replies. keep up the good work!
  11. OK just to clarify: 2. so if i burn to DVD-R/DVD-RW the .ISO file should be identical to the original? making a CRC or MD5 checksum of the original .ISO image, the checksum should work (give correct result) on the burned copy, right? 3. so if i rip to another image with the same name (say in a different folder) the .MDS files should be identical?
  12. hello. since this is my first post in the forums (registered a minute ago), i'd like to take this opportunity to thank you, Lightning UK!, for your work on this project as well as DVD Decrypter. wonderful programs! i have a few related questions to the above discussion on ISO/MDS files: 1. what happens if i burn to DVD+RW? same as DVD+R (as you described above)? 2. what happens if i burn to DVD-R, DVD-RW? 3. (not really a ImgBurn question bur a DVD Decrypter question, hope you can answer) if i rip a DVD with Decrypter and again rip the same DVD, the ISO files are identical but the MDS files are not. why is that? what is the difference? should it concern me? is it just an internal timestamp? what happens if i use the ISO from the 1st rip and the MDS from the 2nd?
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