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  1. When my batch file calls ImgBurn with a "/mode verify" option, ImgBurn opens a window which asks the user to select the image file to compare against. I've included the name of the .iso file in my batch file command so why is ImgBurn asking to select the image file?. I must not be coding the ImgBurn command line properly. Here's my batch file command: "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn" /mode verify /src %InputDrive%: /dest "C:\IBurnTmp\ImgBurnTemp.iso" /eject %EjectDisc% /close /start /waitformedia Need help, Raptor
  2. Hi Lightning, Ahhh, but if I don't include /waitformedia, the user has to wait for the disc drive to recognize the media before pressing the ENTER key to call the ImgBurn program. Otherwise the user gets an error almost everytime he/she runs my batch file since the drive is usually not ready before the user is. With the /waitformedia option, the user never gets an error because of the the drive still getting ready. FYI, I ask the user to insert the disc(s) into the drive(s) as my very first instruction before asking for the user's options, to give the drive as much time as possible to get ready. Since the user will accept the default options 90% of the time, he/she is ready to proceed with the operation well before the drive is ready. I was forced to put the /waitformedia option to make my batch file work properly for most people. I can live with the problem (got no choice...sniff). But if you see fit to look into this problem further, it would be great! Thanks for your time! Raptor
  3. From searching this website, I've learned that it is not possible to set the read speed via a batch file command. To do it, one must open ImgBurn and manually set the read speed prior to running a batch file. I would like to be able to give the user the ability to set low read speeds from my batch file when copying problem discs. Would appreciate it very much if this option could be incorporated in the next release. Thanks, Raptor
  4. Hi Lightning, Good enough. I respect your decision. Just as a FYI though, here's the results of my test: ===== EXCERPTS FROM MY BATCH FILE CODE ===== call :DISK_TO_HDD :DISK_TO_HDD "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn" /mode read /src %InputDrive%: /dest "C:\IBurnTmp\ImgBurnTemp.iso" /overwrite yes /eject %EjectDisc% /close /start /waitformedia :: test echo In disc to hdd, errorlevel returned is %errorlevel% pause goto :EOF ==================== When :DISC_TO_HDD is called, ImgBurn opens but stops with the status line indicating "Device not ready (Medium not present)". I click the red X to close ImgBurn. the test echo displays: "In disc to hdd, errorlevel returned is 0" Then I changed /close to /closesuccess. Ran the test again and got the same errorlevel return code of zero. So it appears that even using /close or /closesuccess causes an errorlevel return value of zero. Not beating a dead horse here and as I said, I respect your decision not to address this issue. It's not a biggie. Just thought I'd let you see my code and my results in case it is helpful in anyway. Thanks for a great program! Raptor
  5. Hi Lightning, I did find your list of Errorlevel codes by searching prior to starting this thread. My batch file read and write commands are: "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn" /mode read /src %InputDrive%: /dest "C:\IBurnTmp\ImgBurnTemp.iso" /overwrite yes /eject %EjectDisc% /close /start /waitformedia "C:\Program Files\ImgBurn\ImgBurn" /mode write /src "C:\IBurnTmp\ImgBurnTemp.iso" /dest %OutputDrive%: /speed %BurnSpeed% /verify %Verify% /eject %EjectDisc% /deleteimage No /testmode Yes /closesuccess /start /waitformedia For testing, I create a problem by not putting a disc into the drive. ImgBurn remains on the screen saying there's no media. I close ImgBurn by clicking the red X. The Errorlevel code returned is zero. I was wondering if it's possible for you to immediately set the Errorlevel code to a non-zero value as soon as ImgBurn is run. Then if the user closes ImgBurn manually for whatever reason, the Errorlevel would already be non-zero so batch files would know that the operation was not successfully completed. Thanks, Raptor
  6. I call ImgBurn from a batch file. Something goes wrong so I close ImgBurn manually by clicking the red X. The Errorlevel code returned is zero indicating a successful operation. Would it be possible to pre-set the Errorlevel to a non-zero code as soon as ImgBurn starts up? Then if the user has to close ImgBurn manually, the Errorlevel returned to the batch file will be non-zero? Thanks, Raptor
  7. You have to click on a disc image from the Queue list, so that you can set it only for the images you want deleted. Hi mmalves, You nailed it! Highlighting the file in the queue does enable the grayed out options. Thanks, Raptor
  8. Hi Cynthia, My bad. I had quoted from memory so my quote was incorrect. In fact my entire post is wrong. I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before so I must have been in lala land. What I actually clicked on was "Write image file to disc" in the first screen that opens when ImgBurn is run. I clicked the source file on the HDD and selected the "output" drive. When I clicked the queue icon, the bottom options were grayed out. Had 7.5 hours of sleep last night so I think this post is correct.... Sorry for that. Thanks, Raptor
  9. How is the "Delete the image when done" option set? I select "Write iso image from disc", I set the input optical drive, I set the destination folder and file name and ImgBurn is ready to read the source disc. But when I look in the queue window I see the "Delete the image when done" option but it's grayed out. Even if I go to Tools > Settings > Write and check "Check delete image", when I go back and look at the queue window the "Delete the image when done" option is still grayed out. Thanks, Raptor
  10. Thanks. You're a treasured asset to this website. And to the OP, sorry for the slight hijack of your thread. Raptor
  11. Boy, wish I was in Las Vegas today... I downloaded the firmware so thanks for that link too. I clicked the "Home" link on that website to look for instructions on how to install the firmware but there weren't any. I assume that just running the "GH22NP20_1.04.exe" file will automatically do the firmware update. If so, no need to respond. I'll go with the Verbatim 2.4x DL discs per your personal choice. Thanks! Raptor
  12. Please disregard my original post. After I posted it, I went back to the support forum and was able to reply to a post. It seems that creating a new thread somehow unlocked the "You do not have permission to reply to this topic" problem. Thanks, Raptor
  13. Mmalves, Thanks for this info. It's in the dual layer sticky but your explanation helps to confirm it. I just bought a a new burner (LG GH22NP20). Would you recommend my buying 2.4x or 8x Verbatim dual layer discs for it? I know there's too many drive models but just taking a chance that you might be familiar with the burner I bought. Oh, and if the Verbatim DL 8x is OK to buy, do you recommend buring at ImgBurn MAX speed or setting the speed to 4x or 6x? Thanks, Raptor
  14. I've replied to posts before. Today, when I try to reply to any post I keep getting this message: *** [#103133] You do not have permission to reply to this topic. *** The note with this message says to check the help for more info but frankly I can't find anything labeled "HELP". I've tried signing out and signing back in but the problem persists. Please let me know what I should do to reply to posts. Sorry for the bother, Raptor
  15. Very helpful info! Really appreciate it. And thanks for all your other posts which I've learned much from. Raptor
  16. Is there a way to set the readspeed via a batch file? I did search through the list of readme.txt command line options and saw that there is a /SPEED option which is used to set the write speed. But the reason I ask about a readspeed option is that the readme.txt file does not list "ISOREAD" as a MODE option, yet I see "/MODE ISOREAD" being used in some sample batch file listings in other threads on this forum. Also while I'm at it, is there a list of options that are not shown in the readme.txt file? Like the ISOREAD option. And thanks for the great ImgBurn program! Raptor
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