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  1. Merry Christmas and happy new year guys and ladies.
  2. DAA is a format for an image file, which supports some advanced features, such as compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes (similar to .RAR and other compression formats). An archive.daa of 649MB become an archive.iso of 700MB. 50MB make a discrete difference when you have to upload/download it, this is why its widely used in peer-to-peer or torrents network.
  3. Ty all for your help, After changing time settings to numbers only I'm able to burn without problems. I know media that i use its not the best, but its cheap. My kids eat dvds for breakfast and i cannot afford good media; cheaper is what I'm looking for. In some other cases i will only use my Verbatin $5au each and burning at 1x. Glad that i cought a bug, 2 years and 1 year ago I've donated few dollars and now I've donated a program improvement which I'm very glad of.
  4. Was your an upgrade from windows 2000? If yes: what is the version number of your %windir%\system32\drivers\disk.sys
  5. PowerIso can easly convert an .daa into an .iso. Even PowerIso converts the .daa to .iso before burning. This means that .daa file cannot be directly burned but a conversion must be done first.
  6. Ty kevdriver, I've upgraded firmware and activated debug but the problem still persist. This dvd media disc did never give me any problem at all with previous imgburn version, dvddecrypter, alchool ecc ecc. all happens now just with imgburn this is way i've started a bug report (after searching all forums). My discs longevity its about 2/3 days becouse of my 4 kids yeah i dont like tv ImgBurn_2_.log
  7. How do i make a 'complete' debug log [edit]by the way I've been always scared to upgrade firmware to my drive[/edit]
  8. I've recently upgraded to and i get this error everytime it finish to burn a cd or dvd. If you need anymore info (debug) let me know and I'll provide that. Message = '02-Jul-06 20:24' is not a valid date and time ImgBurn.log
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