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  1. A friend of mine gave me a mass of photos to burn to data DVDs. He wants them organized by date taken/created and not by file name. Is there a way to tell ImgBurn to organize the files by date taken/created and not by file name as it is burning?
  2. This is why I included where I got it. I wasn't sure if it would matter or not. I'm telling you, without any doubt, it never asked me or showed me this extra software. No logos. No boxes to uncheck. Nothing. Until they were installed, I'd never heard of that toolbar or TuneUp. Never seen the names. Nothing. Up to this point, I had a 100% track record of not installing things by mistake with any software or update, so I promise you I was watching.
  3. OS: Windows 7 64-bit browsers: IE (updated) & Firefox (updated) 2.5.8 source: softpedia I understand the economics of freeware in 2013. It's one thing to bundle other software with this software, but it is quite another to not give users the option to not install this bundled software. And then to make it worse, the update didn't even make the user aware that it was including other software. I couldn't opt out of it, and I wasn't at all aware it was happening. After uininstalling the TuneUp suite from the control panel, it was a headache afterwards. I had to reboot twice and was still having a problem uninstalling it. I'm still not certain I have it removed. Then, the Bing-related toolbar (enrapture, encapture, or whatever it is called) and search engine wasn't easily removed, either. After removing the tool bar, it was still integrated into my search engines. I had to go into each browser in two places to remove it from operating and acting as the default. On top of that, It had also replaced my home pages with the search engine page. One small thing after another adding up to a real hassle. I don't consider it whiny or complaining to at least request a warning that this extra software is included before installing, and it would be only common courtesy to give users the option to click out of installing it before installing the ImgBurn update. I've never had this happen with any other update from any software, freeware or paid. For instance, at least Adobe informs, and gives an option, if you want the Google toolbar installed as it is bundled with the reader. McAfee antivirus is bundled all over the place, but it always gives the user the option to not also install it. That's decency. If ImgBurn is financially forced to partner with other software, at least make sure it isn't so intrusive and hassle-ridden. You are the company you keep. It doesn't speak well of ImgBurn to put users in this type of situation. I've been using ImgBurn for years, and I've had no complaints whatsoever about it. This was an ugly turn of events.
  4. How can I relax those restrictions in ImgBurn? That would be handy information. Thanks a lot for all your help.
  5. Because I used UDF alone for around 20 discs, would you recommend I go back and burn other copies of those in all three to be safe? I forgot to ask whether this UDF-only could be a problem for hardware, such as new burners, etc? Or is that not how it works? I have noticed, and enjoyed, UDF not truncating some of the longer file names that I now realize was done with other software that utilized Joliet alone.
  6. I collect live music in SHN and FLAC data and burn archive DVDRs for backups of this data. I use Windows XP exclusively, but I do sometimes send discs to Mac users and will eventually move to Windows 7. Maybe that isn't important, and honestly, I'm not sure how to ask this question; or if I should be asking it all. I've been using ImgBurn for this purpose for the past couple of weeks, and I see that all those discs have been burned in UDF. I went to burn some .avi files, and it asked me to switch to Joliet, which is why I'm even aware of this setting. Should I be concerned with one's universality over another's? Which is best to use as to avoid any problems with other OS and capability down the line? Apologies if this is an inconsequential question, but I'm wholly ignorant and would like to avoid any hassles with losing valuable data because I used some software incorrectly. Thanks for any help you can provide. If I need to provide any additional information, please let me know.
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