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  1. Works now. Not that I doubted it would. It was as if you had Jeannie From "I Dream of Jeannie" just blink and it was linked. Thanks.
  2. Dang! That was freaky fast. Much Appreciated.
  3. This is in no way a problem for me so I'm not complaining. Just posting an observation. I know that majority of the time I will build (on-the-fly) to device. So in Settings>Event tab>On Startup I set: Set Program Mode: Build Set Build Mode: Device and clicked OK But no matter what output mode I leave Imgburn in (image mode or device mode) when I exit. When I reopen Imgburn it's still in the last output mode it was in when exiting. If I exit with it in image mode, when I open Imgburn again it's still in image mode. BTW I did a clean install and rebooted after uninstalling v1.3 and rebooting. Wasn't sure it was a bug so I posted here. Aside from that, thank you so much lightningUK for this build mode.
  4. Never used Black Ice Defender. Out of the box Comodo seems a little better than ZAfree to me and blocks PCFlankLeakTest.
  5. No problem dude. It's all good. I can find other things to do like tinkering around with this new free firewall I'm trying called Comodo. This things sweet.
  6. I think that's what makes this the most anticipated and exciting release, atleast for me.
  7. blutach-> <-me | blutach-> | me-> | j/k
  8. LOL, I use CDtray because I'm paralyzed from the neck down and type with a mouth stick. Can't move my arms to push a button. Only one of my drives (external Plextor PX-716UF) on my laptop has mechanical drive, the other internal one I can on pop open and have to get my nurse to close it. #39;( But if I wasn't I'd still be too lazy to reach down and push a button.
  9. A_T, I've been using a little app called CDTray for a couple years. Sits in the tray allowing open/close ability for all cd/dvd drives. Works flawlessly for me on XP.
  10. Sweet. Thx for the info.
  11. One question. Will burning .vob's include an option to add a 32k gap between ifo & bup files? I know it's not necessary but only a precaution measure.
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