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  1. Sorry, it was in the change log at Free Codecs. They seem to have a grudge against Tech Spot. How are they any better, I wonder? Didn't they "copy&paste" the changelog like idiots? I mean, you could put a line in the changelog saying "please remove this line" and it would probably be repeated by every site distributing ImgBurn. They're all copy&paste idiots.
  2. You're probably right, but the product described there isn't a 25-pack spindle. It's a 20-pack with slim cases. I wouldn't buy them unless they were Made in Singapore. Anyway, I have plenty of DL Verbatims right now.
  3. Best Buy has these for $35 ($1.40 per disc) on sale this week. Regularly $60. I think they're Verbatims, since 8x speed, and the spindle looks like Verbatim. Off-brand dual layers are usually just 2.4x speed. Has anyone bought these, who can confirm if they are indeed Verbatim? Thanks.
  4. Increasing your buffer size to 40 or 80 MB might help. Try slowing down the burn speed. I never burn over 8x. I burn 2.4x Verbatim MKM-001 at 2.4-4x. I burn MCC 03RG20 at 4x in my NEC ND-3540A, because that gives the best results. You might also try tweaking settings like a fixed page file size and defragmenting your hard drive. What was the average burn speed?
  5. Nero and/or MagicISO may be the problem. Try using DVD Shrink to extract the contents to a folder. (Set "No compression" for the disc.) Also, try processing the files with FixVTS or PGC Edit. The original might have authoring or mastering errors. You can test the layer break positions with WinDVD, PowerDVD, DVD Shrink, or other programs. The newest ImgBurn also lets you preview them. It is best if the LB is at a part of the movie with no sound or movement for several seconds. A fade-to-black is ideal. Scene transitions are sometimes OK. You can also create a seamless layer break with Build Mode, if your player supports it. That'll make it less important where you put the layer break. IFO Edit is too complicated for a novice. FixVTS and PGC Edit are easier to use. If all else fails, start over or re-author with Shrink.
  6. ISOBuster is a very limited program (EDIT: also $26). I've tried many programs for creating and converting ISOs and very few make images that load in DVD Shrink (the ultimate test for compliance). Most give errors like "invalid UDF structure." This introduces more possibility for errors. People have already reported problems when using Daemon Tools and ImgBurn together. On what basis can you say it would be a lot of work to satisfy little demand? I think most of the work has been done and it would be as easy as plugging one piece of existing code (ISO write) into another piece of existing code (build mode). Please explain. Thanks.
  7. Why is this line in the changelog? I have seen it in several other programs, too. What have they copied and pasted that makes them idiots? Thanks
  8. I haven't noticed my dual layer burns taking a long time to close. However, I think most of them were about 50%. Will it work with Incremental mode, or should I use DAO? Thanks
  9. Many DVDs have a layer break without an STC discontinuity or non-seamless flag. See Criterion and SuperBit titles. All of the new James Bond Ultimate Edition DVDs I've checked have a layer break within the same VOB ID. So do SuperBit DVDs. Blade and L.A. Confidential have seamless layer breaks with one VOB ID. LAC has the STC discontinuity flag set in error. I've never heard of anyone having problems with these DVDs, so the rule seems irrelevant. When this was discussed on Doom9, someone eventually pointed out that not all DVDs have a different mux rate at the LB. If the VOB ID changes, they might, but SuperBit DVDs have a single VOB ID with a high mux rate throughout. Try checking Blade, L.A. Confidential, any SuperBit DVD, and many Criterions (Naked, Fear & Loathing). The STC discontinuity flag is may be correct, but the non-seamless flag is unnecessary with most players. Lots of DVDs break the rules and I haven't heard about widespread problems with the titles I mentioned. You should set the STC flag for a VOB ID change, according to Spec. However, L.A. Confidential has the flag set even though a VOB ID change doesn't occur. It also has a seamless layer break. So, the rule seems largely irrelevant. Only the STC flag is needed, not the non-seamless flag. It is customary, but Superbit, Criterion, Blade, and L.A. Confidential show that it is not required. EDIT. Many DVDs have seamless layer break. That's a separate issue from the STC flag.
  10. Do you know of any drives that support over-burning DVD-R? I have a BenQ 1640 and it won't even try to over-burn them. I can over-burn DVD+R to like 4650 MB with SolidBurn off. No problem. I read that no drives can over-burn DVD-R yet. They need new firmware to allow it. CDspeed's overburning test shows that DVD-R should over-burn even more than DVD+R.
  11. The newer 20-pack batches of Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL seem to burn better at 4x. The PI errors are much higher on the second layer if you burn at 2.4x - like 60 max, 45 average. They play OK, but make me nervous, nonetheless. I burn mostly at 4x now, because that seems to give the best results on most DVDs. I aim for 97-99 quality scores in CDspeed. I only use Verbatim 16x 25-packs and Taiyo Yuden 8-16x (Sony MIJ 50-packs with octagonal white spacer). I found that Verbatim 50- and 100-packs do not have the same quality as 25-packs. PIEs are twice as much and PIFs are 6-13 times as much. In short, crappy media. BenQ's Qscan tests also SHOW that the Verbatim 25-packs have lower errors than 50s and 100s. I would never burn at over 8x. Playback in picky machines can be hit and miss if you burn at 12-16x, even with good drives and media.
  12. It doesn't have to be AC3. You can have PCM if you want. Every player supports PCM, but DTS is less compatible for people just watching through a TV. I had not heard that menus or extras would be adequate. I thought the movie had to have Dolby or PCM audio to be fully compliant. That makes the rule almost irrelevant. You could have Dolby menus and the movie in DTS only. A lot of music DVDs only have PCM or PCM and DTS. If you have the compatible equipment, you can author the disc however you want. The DVD spec has lots of irrelevant and arbitrary rules, esp with regard to layer break. I have tested with seamless breaks and even ECC block/VOBU boundary/NavPack. I've never had a playback problem as long as the cell flags and commands were made seamless with PGC Edit. The cell flags and commands are key.
  13. I don't think it's a result of a PUO, as that should be removed by most back-up software. I think it is because the chapters are split into different PGCs - instead of being joined in a single PGC (like most movies are). I've seen this with music DVDs. I use PGC Edit, to re-use the cells in a single PGC. Then re-author with Shrink. Otherwise, there is no way to fix this issue. It's inherent to how the disc is authored. You can't see an elapsed time, because the chapters are split, like VTS 1,1 - 1,2 - 1,3 - etc.
  14. If you have no problem playing those DVDs past the layer break, why wouldn't you want to use the seamless layer break option? It's becoming more common. All SuperBit titles use it. This includes stuff like Closer, Panic Room, Adaptation, Punch-Drunk Love, and other DVDs that are ONLY available as SuperBit. Many Criterion DVDs use seamless layer break, as I've noted - Naked, Videodrome, Naked Lunch, Bad Timing, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Also, some Manga DVDs, like Ninja Scroll: 10th Anniversary. I've never heard about people having problems with these titles. Most will not notice any layer change. It will play smoothly, as it should. If you do seamless layer break, I suggest using PGC Edit also. Edit the main movie's PGC to take out any cell commands before the layer break. They can cause your player to pause or even lock up if they aren't removed. I think they force the player to empty its cache, even if the layer is flagged as seamless joint.
  15. Does anyone know of a registry hack or anything that will allow it? ImgBurn gives some error message when you try to do it. It won't even attempt to over-burn on DVD-R, but it should work in theory. Is it a hardware issue that drives simply refuse to do it?
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