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  1. Thanks LUK! I should have tested it first then I could have answered my own question. Smart program.
  2. Yes and yes. Can I clarify please... does this mean, if the Seamless option is checked and the cell selected for the layer break doesn't have the seamless playback flag set (i.e. SPLIP=No), then ImgBurn will set the seamless flag when it builds the image OR does this option only have an effect when a cell with SPLIP=Yes is selected for the layer break position? (and ImgBurn won't change it to No, which I assume it would do under normal circumstances) or both scenarios produce a seamless layer break?
  3. I can't answer for LUK! about ImgBurn, but you could always use a program like MD5summer to easily accomplish the same thing before building an image.
  4. Thanks LUK... I'd completely overlooked that setting in the Events tab before now. Well from a functional standpoint having both file extensions the same case wouldn't matter, I really only mentioned it because I have this impression you're a perfectionist and would like things consistent... you can blame ImgBurn and the other utility for that, since they've always seemed almost the perfect software to me.
  5. Great work LUK! The new build mode is nice and as usual the changelog is as long as my arm. I see in the Build settings there are two buttons to clear the MRU lists - I was wondering if it was possible to have another option to never save history and preferably also disable those two drop-down boxes so the file/folder target could be similar to Write and Verify modes? I guess having a MRU list would be handy for some but I always give images uniques names, so I know what they are, and don't make multiple images from the same source folders so it would be nice to have that option and eliminate the clutter of those drop-down boxes. Just a suggestion anyway... Oh, I was looking at the created images and noticed the iso has a lower case file extension and the companion MDS file has an upper case extension, the inconsistancy looked odd. I know it doesn't make a difference to anything, just thought I'd mention it since it gives the impression ImgBurn is a little Schizo
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