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  1. What about a public release of the beta, LUK?
  2. Welp, fingers crossed for a 20th anniversary release!
  3. Are these CDI files the same ones used by Discjuggler, which are mostly used to burn Dreamcast images?
  4. Hi @LIGHTNING UK!, any chance for an "official" IBG reader/plotter from you?
  5. I'm hoping for a release in June 2023, for the 10th anniversary of!
  6. I don't know if you still need a solution, but I also use VCD to mount disc backups. After many issues with multi-track discs, I found Discohawk which converts BIN/CUE to CCD/IMG/SUB and this resulting image works perfectly (all tracks) with VCD. https://github.com/TASEmulators/BizHawk/releases (Discohawk is a separate .exe from the emulator)
  7. If you have a supported drive, you should use DiscImageCreator.
  8. Then wikipedia is wrong: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RedFox
  9. Finally it's at an acceptable price, considering Nero CD/DVD Speed was free. http://cdspeed2000.com/
  10. Ah yes, they were SlySoft before.
  11. Kinda off-topic but I remember there was a split in Elaborate Bytes, now you have https://www.elby.ch/products/vcd.html and https://www.redfox.bz/en/virtual-clonedrive.html and both show the same version of VCD. Do you guys know if there's any difference between the two?
  12. I don't remember much about this (it's been a while since I've burned CD-R), but is DAO RAW supported by most drives? Maybe that's what's stopping the development. There has been a lot of progress on the reading front (https://github.com/saramibreak/DiscImageCreator) but writing has stopped with Alcohol I guess.
  13. Oh, sorry, it was the comma http://sourceforge.net/projects/discfit/
  14. Hi LUK, I've asked this before back when Burn To The Brim, which had a pretty complex code, was the only viable solution to find the best combination of files/folders to fit a disc. Now there is this new alternative http://sourceforge.net/projects/discfit/, which seems simpler and works with BD-R discs. Any chance of implementing this into the Build mode? Thanks!
  15. Man, still the same complaint after all these years... I really hope those people whining about the "crapware" really find another program to use and f**k off. Thanks a lot for the update LUK! :biggrindance:
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