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  1. Or try DVDFab Virtual Drive


    It has a very small footprint, memory usage is only 2,452 K


    DVDFab Virtual Drive is a virtual DVD/Blu-ray emulator. It emulates maximum 18 drives and works with DVD/Blu-ray images.



    FYI: The ISO's are easily mounted via the Right-Click context menu in a WinDoz Explorer window.




  2. Hi LUK (and all you Beta Team Members/ole friends),


    Thanks for the latest release ......


    I see there is a lot of flack out there regarding the UniBlue via the installer. What's real funny is I just happen to be testing the UB products on one of my boxes


    Obviously there is a lot of folks using IB, you can see that by just looking at the DL counters. The real sad thing is taking flack from folks who probably never donated to you at all. You know I have and will always support you. IB is the BEST burn engine on the planet, bar none.


    This is just a thought, you can throw it in the wastebasket, but I thought r0lZ's idea was a good one to get folks donating for using PgcEdit. Not sure how it has worked out for him, I would have to email him an ask.


    Pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels you should get compensated for all your hard efforts for creating and future development of ImgBurn.


    Shoot, I'm unemployed, but when I get done with this post, I'm gonna go push that donate button. Gonna send r0lZ some funds too. It won't the $ figure I normally donate, but i'll be more that $2. Shoot half that $2 you ask for gets eaten by PayPal, right.


    I know I should stop by more often, but you don't need me cluttering up the book shelf. You have such a great group of folks helping you with support already, i.e. spinner, corny, dontasciime, volvo, lfc, Blu, Cynthia, db, Chewy, polopony, Shamus, kevd, etc. please forgive me if I forgot any of my ole friends.


    BTW: Is there a way to incorporate using the Queue for Build mode ?


    aaaaawlrightythen.png ... always get a good chuckle from some of your comments in the status bar ... :D


    Cheers Mate(s)


  3. First, Hello to all my ole friends (too many to list), you know who you are :teehee:


    Well I thought I would stop by and say Hi, and while I was at it post a possible suggestion.


    There have been many instances where the Queue feature would come in handy for doing consecutive folders off the HDD.


    I use the ISO Queue feature a lot, and was wishing for possibly the same feature when doing folders from the HDD in Build mode.


    Maybe this feature already exists and I've been doing single folders to disc burns incorrectly all this time.


    So I thought I would stop, one to say hello, and second to ask if the queue feature could be implements in the future for Build mode.


    Again cheers to all my ole friends, and hope all is well with you and family !!!






  4. Wow my brain already hurts from reading about MediaCodeSpeedEdit ... looks very KEWL though. I guess it turns me into a FIRMWARE creator :lol:


    Cynthia you know of a Guide anywhere that give instruction with pic's ? I read the written description here


    I don't want to attempt before getting some tips or a Guide as I mentioned.


    As you saw in previous posts I have two burners:


    NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A 1.Y6

    PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-115D 1.22


    Plus a third I have not mentioned it sits idle (not hooked up) .... Plextor PX-800A


    BTW: I'm pretty happy with burning at 8X for the TYG02's .... Chewy has me fixated on that ... :lol:



    Probably making a mountain out of a mole hill .... :lol:

  5. Pioneers should book type +R DL media by default. For +R media you need to fix the firmware with MediaCodeSpeedEdit.


    I always use TY -R for single layer (mostly what I burn), so I guess not an issue for me, mostly use my NEC for burning ... but every once in a while I make some DL burns with the DVR-115D. Not familar with MediaCodeSpeedEdit, guess I need to look that up ... THX Cynthia.


    Hi Mr. Spinner .... hope things are well with you and the family .... I assume you been getting my INFORMATIVE emails .... :lol:


    I drop by every once in a while ... have to since I'm using the GREATEST burning tool (ImgBurn) on the PLANET .... keep up the great work LUK .... I'll be donating once I find a JOB !!!!

  6. Guess it was the firmware, kinda odd though as this was the last disk on the spindle of 20. But I have been swapping drives between to puters ......


    Anyhow its now currently burning OK !! .... THX


    One last ?


    Here are two different burners/puters, noticed a differences:


    I 17:48:34 Destination Device: [0:1:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A 1.Y6 (D:) (ATA)

    I 17:48:34 Book Type Setting: DVD-ROM




    I 18:19:00 Destination Device: [2:1:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-115D 1.22 (E:) (ATA)

    I 18:19:00 Advanced Settings - Optimal Writing Speed: No



    One has book type, the other Advanced Settings ? ? Plus what tab is that setting on ?


    PS: Cynthia THX for the tip on 6X

  7. Hello to all, especially LUK .... ;-)


    Hope all is well with everyone !!


    Well I'm a little stumped ..... burned a few DL (Verb's of course), first time getting this error.


    Or am I just having a major brain fart !!



    I 15:25:41 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 15:25:41 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)

    I 15:25:41 Total Physical Memory: 2,096,432 KB - Available: 1,573,400 KB

    I 15:25:41 Initialising SPTI...

    I 15:25:41 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 15:25:41 Found 2 DVD-ROMs and 1 DVD

  8. what that update improve?( i hope it might fix the super smash problem :rolleyes: )


    ImgBurn cannot preform miracles !!!


    Wii is a SL gaming system, that tried to play with the big boys by introducing a DL game (SSBB). I have a BRAND NEW Wii that can't play SSBB smoothly. So the dirty lens idea is out of the picture, Nintendo needs a different excuse.


    PS: 360 Rules (Gears of War, Halo 3, Army of Two, COD4) !!!


    Edit: PLUS HDMI, awesome graphics and game play !!



  9. a perfectionist LUK!


    I SECOND that !!!


    ImgBurn = BEST Burning/Iso Creation/Iso Building Tool on the Planet ---- Second to NONE !!!


    Thx LUK, donation made, keep up this FANTASTIC tool !!!




  10. Super Deal at $1.35 a piece (20 for $26.99 shipped) ...... suppose to be the Singapore version per the reviews !!



    Last time I purchased these they were around a $1.75 from SuperMediaStore. Seems SMS is now selling the India production disks now which a lot of people are complaining about.



    Well I just ordered a couple of spindles of these CLICK HERE will try them and report back !!!







    PS: Cheers to ALL, I know i haven't been around much .... try to spend more time with family !!

  11. Cheers and may you have many more Loco !!! ;-)





    I sent you and email to that box you created for me on enemyflag, looks like I might get an Elite at a very good price !!



    Cherrs to ALL !!!!



  12. I used to be depressed then things got better, I got divorced.



    @ dont and Spin

    On my second for 12+ years now, found a keeper I hope !!!


    Hi Capt Kirk,


    Hope things get better with yor dad !!!



  13. I was just stopping by to make a donation to LUK, thought I would post a greeting for ALL to have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


    All is well on my end here in the Nevada desert ............ hope all is well with LUK, BTM's and all members !


    Recently rebuilt the ole SuperAlienX box from P4 to Core 2 Duo (E6850), wow what a major jump in speed.


    Well I won't bore ya'll any longer, but do have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. !!!!




  14. Hi MJ .... Glad to back, well I was always back, just don't have to much time to help these days. My son needs a lot of attention now that he has gotten a little older ..... hope everyone understands .....


    Cheers ALL !!!!



  15. Good to see you around old friend. :thumbup:

    You too Mr. Spinner .... been awhile sice we chatted.....


    Really like that new and improved ImgBurn, very nice what LUK you guys have done !


    I haven't touched Nero for weeks .... LUK's gonna dirive dem outta bussiness LOL !!!!


    Cheers Spinner :teehee:

  16. LUK,


    I just wanna to say THX everytime I use the Build feature ..... VERY VERY NICE layout, exteremly easy to use .... GREAT JOB LUK (and the BTMs) !!!!


    PS: Hope you got the donation OK ... Great tool(s).



    Cheers Mate(s) !!



    Edit: Sorry forgot to include the BTMs, as I know they had a very important role to the operatins/fuctionality...

  17. Hi ALL,


    Had to post when I saw the mice photo again, been a long time since I've seen, cracked me up the first time and once again ...... ROTF !!!!


    BTW: Dat dog has quite the rounded goatee ..... :P

  18. THX for the reply ..... not a big deal, just a couple of clicks to select the next folder (gotta load a new disc anyway) !


    I can't say enough about how sweet ImgBurn is, SUPER improvements ... keep up the great work .... donation sent (read the note !!!) ;-)




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