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  1. Hi Scot Checked and it reads 3.37g ram. I do recall reading in one of those PC mags that the system info will not reflect the actual physical ram. Not sure why this is technically the case
  2. Sorry got home too late the check the values. Will check tonight. Im not to clued up on the technicalities but my understanding is that some of the ram is reserved for system space so while you may physically have 4gig ony 3.xxx will be shown as available. On your x64 comment, you are right drivers can be a bit of a pain when you trying to attach certain hardware. but generally most of the standard stuff is catered for with windows generic drivers. I luv x64, its very stable and has the added advantage of patchgard for kernel protection which 32bit XP does not have. I would rather wait for vista if you want to concider upgrading to 64bit windows.
  3. Taking a chance here but could it perhaps be something less technical like maybe a need for a lens cleaner?
  4. Nobody but absolutely nobody should be buying theirs PC off the shelf. Go to the local component supplier and build it custom to your requirements. For the same price as an average PC off the shelf you could build a high spec monster. And its dead easy. With the appropriate care and lotsa research anyone can build their own custom PC. But be prepared, if u not a technician you will need to do some (lots) research first. Im proud on my monster and it leaves anything that can be bought off the shelf behind in the dirt....way way behind. theres a place called "the internet" and a tool called "google" and thats all you need to get yourself equiped :-) but if you get it wrong I do not accept responsibility, do at your own risk
  5. Im using 4gig ram on XP x64 and it has no problem seeing all the Ram. Altho it will show as 3 point something or other gig, cant remember the exact value. Will check when I get home tonight. It will never show the full 4Gig on any system.
  6. Thanks guys, I normally use verbs but the local stores are been flooded with the sony accucores. I seem to have good results with them but I know that the verbs are totally the best
  7. Hi Has anybody reviewed the sony accucore range of 16x media. Goes by the code of Sony16D1 for the -R and Sony-D21-0 for the +R Are they any good
  8. I can understand that ....... peace
  9. Hi LUK How about introducing yourself to us. The world knows u as the writer of the worlds best burning program. But we dont know much about you. Are you married? have kids? do you have any hobbies other than been glued the PC. Who is LUK. Tell us we'd like to know.
  10. blikkies


    Any idea when V2.2.0.0 will be released
  11. Yes, the LG burns at 16x but has given sticky burns even with the latest firmware
  12. I wonder if the write strategy calibration has placed a speed limit for writing. I did a destructive test calibration for each disc brand I use. The plex allows for both a destructive as well as a non-destructive calibration to be done. I did the destructive calibration and the data is stored in the drive's database per disc/brand. Perhaps this test has determined that 12x is the maximum 'good' speed for this particular disc.
  13. Thanks guys for the valuable info
  14. I'm looking for an in-depth description of the dvd structure including the IFO programming commands. I assume this is available in the expensive official dvd specification but us normal folk cannot get access to that unless one works for a dvd authoring firm
  15. yep, but only in 32bit version so far
  16. Hi Can someone point me in the right direction please. I am looking for a site or literature which will provide info on the DVD specification. The forums on doom9 etc are good but only provide high level information. I would like to understand the complete dvd specification. Thanks
  17. Now hows that for service. Those guys at the bloated software houses can take a lesson from this
  18. Any plans for blu-ray compatability to be included shortly
  19. The buffers are typically 97 to 100% till it reaches 12x speed. it maintains this level till the burn is about 60% thru at which point it suddenly slows down to about 2x for a few seconds then moves back up to 12x speed. Most perculiar. Is it perhaps a feature of the drive to monitor the burn process (??) and maintain optimum speed for the media quality. Im using XP x64 edition. Dont know if that could impact somehow.
  20. Hi I've looked thru all the various forum topics searching for tips on how to maximise burn speeds. I'm using Verbatim MCC +R media on a Plextor PX-755A burner. The best speed I am able to reach is 12 to 13x even tho the media is rated at 16x. It just hovers around 12x. Same media on an LG 4167 I easily burn at 16x but not on the plextor. However I must add that the LG sometimes gives sticky discs where the plextor has never yet given a single stick, not ever. Is there perhaps an IMGBURN setting I'm not seeing that can give me 16x on the plextor thanks B.
  21. Thats strange, I have version 2.0 and I only see a cancel button once burn starts, no pause button,
  22. Hi LUK 2 suggestions 1. How about a PAUSE / RESUME button during the burn operation 2. Dont know if this is technically possible via software or whether it is a hardware function but is it possible to have an autostrategy function in IMGBURN as is found on the plextor drives. Regards
  23. Perhaps try to use the DVD-R. It has a wider compatibilty range with commercial dvd players. I have had occassions where a +R does not play on a particular player but the -R does
  24. I have Plex as well as LG. LG burns a bit quicker but plex burns perfect. The Autostrategy function is an amazing piece of functionality. I may be wrong but dont know of any other writer with this essential feature. Calibrates itself for any disc out there whose write strategy may not be catered for in the firmware. Regard
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