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  1. Is there a way of letting imgburn only give those options (supported speeds) for user's to choose from ie greyed out til media is identified then given choices determined by media/drive?? btw I have just dl'ed v. and haven't really gotten the chance to tool around yet so if it's already available. ignore the imbicile
  2. seems they have a link for imgtool instead?? damn typo had me excited for a bit! oh well!
  3. precisely what I was thinking!?!?! exactly why I brought it here maybe just a typo or maybe the boss has a secret! going to dl and get back! I've been around mostly lurking in the shadows!
  4. did and done, once again worked like a charm! is it true there is a 1.2.1 hosted on filepedia!
  5. just ran across this and came to see what the changelog say's strangely it's not listing this 1.2.1 version! http://www.filepedia.com/cdr_software/cdr_tools/imgburn.cfm
  6. I know it's probably simpler than I'm making it out to be but I can't seem to make iso's etc show the imgburn icon Is there a simple way to make this happen
  7. from the changelog (duh, my thickness never fails to astound me) that's cool I guess I thought that would be "frontpage news" so to speak!
  8. I was just wondering about this refference found in d9?? I didn't see anything in the changelog on the official site so I thought maybe it could be clarified a bit? here is the link
  9. BBRILLIIANT!! I guess you live and you learn. thnx for the info. I do understand wanting to make what you have work but not calling other pple wrong when you can't. but I wish you nothing but the best hobbes!
  10. tsk,tsk stop that you should not have to be told that! you have failed to tell how you converted the file to iso, or I missed it why is it that that prog is not getting slandered on there support site. I think your file is just to big or your media is crap or has just crapped out towards the outer rim if you don't wish to try the new media and quit being cheap, you can try to compress this image in shrink or similar by pushing ctrl+I you will be able to select this iso and add you a custom output size to fit just inside of the first number in the log section that I quoted if this don't work I'll take up drinking hell if it does I'll take up drinking well either way let us know I've got drinking to catch up on!
  11. as far as the buffer goes how long has it been since you defraged once upon a time in a land far away w/ a program that was similar to this very one, I was able to tame a wild buffer by defragging, after getting rid of all unnessecary files and moving all video files to media that is what it's there for and keeping as much free space as possible ever after. as far as the burning is your drive recognizing the media as able to to be burnt faster than 2x?
  12. I second that are you any good at making them, maybe we could get some user made skins that we could attach Kinda like the icing on the cake huh!
  13. @ marsbarbabe using dl disk's your best bet I'd say would be the imgtools app by coujo
  14. just a thought but would the booktype settings not tell whether his drive would be capable for a possible quick fix to this you might try dvd-rom under your drives manuf. tab
  15. I think he just wanted to see the nasty sex pics again! I'm w/ corny on this one never seen even the slightest difference w/ a 1:1 copy and I consider my self pretty picky!
  16. was it something I said??!!?? btw love the pic j-met
  17. hhmmm ?? let me see imgburn and dvd decrypter let's me consult the all knowing crystal ball, my foreseer of all answers that no man can find!! the answer would be NO!!
  18. I also reccomend the hc encoder imho it is one of the top quality encoders available and hey it's free can't beat that I can't say it enough times quenc= shite I used it once or twice and damn near went through some premature balding something like twelve hour encodes for crappy quality just wasn't my idea of fun!
  19. @ life the ease of use ability to auto burn w/ numerous prog's makes this a favorite the added functionality (firmware update, booktyping etc) Set's this prog apart! plus the author/ beta testers are unparalleled ( just don't tell them that they get big headed ) all this plus the updates that were alway's forthcoming as they were needed, looks like another shortly, is why I alway's relied on my right hand man (no jokes LOL) imgburn!!
  20. assuming you have correctly updated your version of rebuilder (known by the presence of (final) in the title bar) and have checked automatically burn (imgburn/dvddec******) under mode >select iso output options. then it may be personal setting's installed on your pc also it may help to have imgburn in a directory w/ dvdd as you said it can find your exe. file w/ dvdd
  21. l8nights

    need help..

    for the conversion you could try vso's divx to dvd -here- is the link for the freeware version powerful w/ numerous in/out fornat's so you can make the vid guy happy! hop it help's
  22. as p.c. get faster and cheaper encoding times will come down, as t.v.'s get bigger and sharper(high def) quality will come to the fore front!
  23. It all started w/ a heads up then blossomed into a guide I checked out your guide to cutting credits I am glad to have benefitted from those more knowledgable such as your self I was just commenting on replies and realized that this is the path (rebuilder as well as imgburn) that the community is slowly turning towards!
  24. @blutach the amount of tweaking possible w/ this program is what makes it awesome (second imo to one lost prog. that makes it all possible) I haven't tried half the add-on's much less the various filters that can be used. the only thing I used RME 4 was to get the settings the way I like them and my filters in order I have two filter scenario's pasted in a notepad on my desktop but I forget to use them most of the time because I'm happy w/ the basics blows shrink out of the water any way's btw the selecting of what is to be unprocessed/processed would have me up all night testing BR to determine what needs it or not would there just be a d-fault rate at which it would not touch the source??
  25. @ lantern what encoder do you use? your processor wil determine what types of speeds you are capable of achieving. my times posted are using one pass w/ analysis, no filters, on my vaio p4 3.0 512ddram. oh yeah the title was multi angle <7.5 gb's I started using quenc and hc w/ times of like 6 hrs for Q, and 2.5-4 hrs for hc. @ ElBoricua433 how long ago did you try dvd rebuilder it seems like I have seen three updates in about 6mo's as far as the specific problem zacoz addressed this well but media would be the likely culprit w/out knowing the details!
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