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    Hey LUK

    Thanks for your reply, LUK! So, the newest ImgBurn will not change the seamless flag if it is called with CLI args? @jamos: PgcEdit already passes the LB LBA via the command line. If you launch ImgBurn directly from the PgcEdit GUI, you do not need to specify the LBA manually. If you launch ImgBurn manually to burn a previously generated ISO image, ImgBurn will not know where the LB is supposed to be. It will search for a suitable cell. Since the cell you have selected in PgcEdit is OK, it will probably be used. However, if, per chance, there are several cells suitable for the LB, ImgBurn will open its own LB selection GUI, from where you should be able to select the same cell.
  2. Err! It is not sufficient to overwrite the files in the ISO, because the files must be moved, by inserting some gaps between them. This is how the layer break cell is properly anigned with the start of an ECC bloc. Moving the files requires a full rebuild of the ISO image. Anyway, even overwriting the files at the same position is not a piece of cake.
  3. Thanks for the explanaton, and for the bugfix! (BTW, sorry for replying so late. I wasn't notified of your replies, and I forgot about this thread...) I didn't know this testmode limitation with DVD+R. Will add a message in PgcEdit. Regarding CLI args: is it possible to add an argument to automatically start the graph display with DVDInfoPro and/or to save the graph data on HDD after the burn?
  4. Not sure it's a bug, but, at least, it's strange. When launching ImgBurn with the /TESTMODE ON CLI option, the log says "Test Mode: Yes", but the DVD is really written! Furthermore, the VERIFY mode, also enabled, verifies the DVD, and, of course, finds no errors. Is it supposed to work this way? I though test mode was a way to simulate the burn. See the log file for details. Also, is it a way to combine a test and a burn in the same operation via CLI? Of course, the burn should occur only if the test was successful. ImgBurn.log
  5. Sorry for replying so late. As you have guessed, you should leave the ImgBurn setting to automatic when burning from PgcEdit. The layer break sector is passed via CLI argument. If you want to burn the same image later, w/o PgcEdit, the automatic option is also recommended. As ImgBurn inspects the IFOs, it will find the cell with the seamless flag clear, and correctly placed in the middle of the compilation and at the beginning of an ECC block, and will use that cell. If, per chance, there are several cells suitables for the layer break, ImgBurn will (probably) open his layer break selection window, where you should be able to select the same cell. Note that PgcEdit is still able to use DVDD to burn, but in this case the procedure is different, because DVDD has no /LAYERBREAK CLI option. The LB sector is forced in the DVDD settings in the registry, before DVDD is launched. I do not recommend to use DVDD. I will probably remove the support for DVDD later, because it is not as safe and clean as the ImgBurn support. I have no idea why you got this jitter peak in your first attempt. It might be because you forced a wrong LB sector. BTW, the LB sector must always be a multiple of 16 (32KB.) And thanks for the thanks!
  6. Well, PgcEdit 0.6.1 was ready since a while. Since you have kept the CLI syntax and general usage of DVDD, it was easy to adapt PgcEdit. And I trust ImgTools, so, I have not tested it extensively. Thanks to you for your work, too.
  7. PgcEdit 0.6.1 released With ImgBurn support! Guides on how to use PgcEdit (with ImgBurn, MkISOFS and, optionally, Daemon Tools): How to burn ISO images with PgcEdit ensuring 32k gaps between IFOs and BUPs How to burn Double Layer Disks with PgcEdit With PgcEdit, you can select the layer break position interactively, with preview! And, thanks to LUK!, you will not burn a coaster! Enjoy!
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